Stephanie Frasco

Stephanie Frasco is the VP of Social Media at ConvertWithContent. 

Over the past 7 years, she has worked closely with clients from all over the world to help each of them get more results from online social networks. Through experience, Stephanie has mastered some of the most powerful social media websites. Today, Stephanie provides exclusive social media consulting services to a handful of global clients and small businesses. Follow her at @StephanieFrasco or on LinkedIn.

Socially Stephanie - Social Media For Authors

Congratulations! Writing a book is quite the feat. And you're smart to be thinking ahead: having a following is a sign to publishers that the book will have customers, so it'll make you more attractive to literary agents for sure. But how will you build that following? Luckily for you, the social web is a vast universe filled with people who share your interests and tastes. It is a matter of finding them, connecting with them, and making them think you are the next Candace Bushnell, Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling. ...more
Great post, full of spot on advice :)more

Socially Stephanie : Social Strategy for Wedding Photographers

Now create a blog -- yes, a blog! I hear you saying, "But I'm a photographer, not a writer." Stop saying that. Here's why: while websites serve as place holders, blogs serve as lead generators. ...more

Socially Stephanie: Social Media Outreach & Networking

Dear Socially Stephanie, I'm a shy guy. Ever since I was little. Meeting new people, making phone calls, even just casual conversations at cocktail parties... it's never been easy. ...more

How to Break Out of the Social Media Time Suck

  Dear Socially Stephanie, HELP! ...more
@abaconw48026 Word of mouth marketing is very valuable.  You are right. I recommend using share ...more