Time to Revise Your Net Worth Spreadsheet?

Have those October brokerage and mutual fund statements all arrived? As dreadful as it may seem, you need to look at them. Unless you shorted the stock market in September, or have all of your assets in cash equivalents or another investment not correlated with the stock market, your net worth is probably down. This is a good time to update your net worth spreadsheet while you have your statements handy. Why now? ...more

Camille's One Minute Weekly Market Update - August 2

The stock market volatility continued as the market experienced gains of more than 2% with heavier volume on Tuesday but had declines Thursday and Friday, leaving the Dow, the S&P and the Nasdaq lower, but not significantly so. ...more

One Minute Market Summary July 26, 2008

Camille’s One Minute Weekly Market Summary   Crude oil fell again last week because inventories declined less than expected, hurricane Dolly retreated from the Gulf’s oil rigs and stockpiles of natural gas increased. ...more

Camille' One Minute Weekly Market Summary

Oil fell 12% from its July 14 record high due to easing tension in the Mideast and weaker demand. I heard on CNBC that Americans are actually driving less due to the high oil prices, thereby helping to decrease demand! Yeah! ...more