Michele Velazquez

Michele is a Marriage Proposal Planner who specializes in creating one of a kind marriage proposals for her clients. In 2010, she founded The Heart Bandits, a company who has since planned hundreds of marriage proposals all over the globe.  Her proposal concepts have been featured in NY Times, Globe and Mail, Daily Mail, The Morning Show Australia, NBC, and Brides Magazine.  She is a featured proposal blogger for The Huffington Post and is regarded as the top Proposal Expert across the nation. 

How To Get Him To Propose

As a Proposal Planner at The Heart Bandits, I get a lot of emails from women wanting to know how they can get their men to propose.  I understand exactly how they feel.  It wasn't that long ago that I too was wondering when Marvin would ever propose to me.  Unless you want to propose to your boyfriend, it is kind of a lousy feeling knowing that you have to sit and wait for your man to take the lead and pop the question.  But we are women, and ALL women have some tricks up their sleeves to get what they want.  Here are 5 ...more
There is so much more to that question of engagement. Some guys need to be ready in every parts ...more