Nutter Butter Brownies

Sometimes you have time to make brownies from scratch. Sometimes, you have to rely on a mix. And sometimes, as with this chocolate and peanut butter brownie recipe, you go for a mixture. This unique blend uses actual Nutter Butter cookies with a boxed brownie mix as a base. Then you whip up a chocolate and peanut butter ganache to top everything off in glorious fashion. Give this a try to wow those in your world who like the chocolate with their peanut butter...or their peanut butter with their chocolate!...more
How funny! I have not had Nutter Butters since I was a kid and discovered that they are ...more

Best Picture Dinners: The Help

We're moving to the Deep South in today's edition of our Best Picture Dinners series. Next on my list is The Help, an inspiring movie about the power of storytelling used against oppression....more
@Kristi Walker@isthisthemiddle You guys are making my mouth water just *thinking* about ...more

Chocolate and Stout Brownies

I don't bake often, but when I do, it's usually holiday-related. I have been known to whip up some mean chocolate treats for Valentine's Day in the past, but it's been a long time since I made brownies. This recipe, which incorporates a stout beer like Guinness, is definitely getting some serious consideration from me—it sounds so delicious, especially since I'm a stout beer lover....more
These look delicious! Think my husband would love them!more

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Though Julie Chiou of Table for Two made these rich cupcakes to celebrate her 25th birthday, they would fit right in to our celebration of chocolate that's leading right up to Valentine's Day. They're filled with a sweet cream cheese concoction that is a nice foil to the decadent chocolate, just like the perfect romantic partnership....more

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

I'm as big a fan of Buffalo wings as the next girl, and have been known to eat my more-than-fair share when given the opportunity, but Buffalo chicken cupcakes? I'll admit I was skeptical. But these aren't dessert cupcakes—like the wings that inspired them, they're an appetizer dish that is certain to blow the minds of anyone at your Big Game party. I could think of no better recipe with which to wrap up our Big Game Eats celebration!...more
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Best Picture Dinners: Moneyball

Today, our Best Picture Dinners progressive party moves close to my home: Oakland, where much of Moneyball, which stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, was filmed. The movie focuses on the Oakland A's 2002 season, when manager Billy Beane took the team on an incredible run using a then-unorthodox management style....more
@BlogHer Have you seen this? Not Moneyball recipes but plenty of others.

Best Picture Dinners: The Descendants

The Oscar Best Picture nominees were announced Tuesday, and since I am as much a fan of films as I am of food, I'm planning to have seen all ten of the nominated movies before the envelopes are opened on Oscar Night. But this year, just watching them is not enough. Here on BlogHer Food, I'll be assembling ten menus for three-course dinners (plus a cocktail, of course) inspired by the honorees. Today is the first of the ten, and I hope you'll join me on this journey through Hollywood's shining stars, course by course....more
Sounds good to me I <3 Hawaii & the food there!more

Bak Kwa: A Chinese Lunar New Year Treat

[Editor's Note: Chinese Lunar New Year begins tomorrow, ushering in the Year of the Dragon. There are many festive foods that are traditional to eat during the Lunar New Year festival, but Bak Kwa, a pork jerky, is not one that I've ever tried. Learn more about this fascinating treat from Biren of Roti n Rice in her informative post which also includes a list of other foods considered auspicious for the New Year! --Genie]...more
@kylenekaelin hi Hun! Long time no talk! My more personal acct is @EmbraceSelfLove now & this ...more

Make Healthier Food Choices On The Run

No matter how much meal planning you do, sometimes you just have to grab something to eat from a restaurant while you're out running errands or get a quick lunch break at work. That can be a challenge if you're trying to eat healthily—so many restaurant choices are high in fat, calories and sodium. Registered Dietitian Danielle Omar, however, has some great ideas for what to order at some popular grab-and-go spots that will satisfy your hungry belly without sabotaging your health....more
I love making homemade hummus and taking a small cupful to work and eating it with carrots and ...more

Make Your Own Volcano Cake

[Editor's Note: Kids' birthday parties are a great opportunity to show off some baking creativity. This cake, which is assembled from two cakes baked in different-sized tube pans, uses cherry pie filling to create a lava flow down the side of an iced volcano. It's certain to thrill birthday kids of all ages! --Genie]...more
Hey there, Melissa! Wow! I am impressed. This would really make any little person's day...or ...more