Garden Appetizer: Fried Zucchini Chips

[Editor's Note: Strange things happen when you're overwhelmed by your garden zucchini...I should know. Check out this post for not only a terrific way to use up some of that zucchini in a delicious manner, but a great story, to boot. --Genie] ...more

Summer-Fresh Caprese Rigatoni Bake

[Editor's Note: Though baked pasta dishes might not seem like a summery recipe idea, when they mean putting to use all the fantastic tomatoes and the spicy-fresh basil available in the market right now, they're perfect! It's a great way to put that produce to work in a satisfying solution to the question of what's for dinner. --Genie] ...more
You had me at cheese!more

No-Bake Lasagna with Vegan Ricotta

[Editor's Note: Who says lasagna has to be baked? In this case, all the flavors of lasagna come through in a relaxed, simple fashion. Plus, because it uses a vegan cheese substitute, it's great for folks watching their dairy intake! Whip some up tonight and indulge without going overboard on calories! --Genie] ...more
Delicious recipe. Great because tasty and healthy are mixed together.more

A Fresh Take on Frito Salad

[Editor's Note: On some nights, a quicker dinner means a return to a family favorite, to something that's easy and comforting all at the same time. It means something kid-friendly, but that adults will happily dig into, as well. This update of traditional Frito Salad keeps some of its traditional style, but adds a freshness that your family will record time. --Genie] ...more

Fun Food: Hot Dog Sugar Cookies

[Editor's Note: This is one of the sweetest optical illusions ever. These aren't sausage-like at all: they're sugar cookies that look like something they're not! Read on to learn how to make these at home and fool all your favorite baked-goods recipients. --Genie] ...more thanks for the super-kind words, robin!  i hope everything turned out well!more

Learn to Make Raw Butter

[Editor's Note: This terrific tutorial walks you through the simple steps to make raw cream into raw butter. It's important to make sure you have a legal source of raw cream to make this, but if you're somewhere where a local farm sells it, it's worth giving it a try just to see the difference between pasteurized and raw. --Genie]...more
Well that sounds easy enough!!more

Mix Up A Refreshing Watermelon-Cucumber Martini

[Editor's Note: Even as summer wanes, it still calls for refreshing cocktails that cool without packing too powerful a punch. This cocktail, which can be made with the abundant local produce available right now, is perfect for the end of the season. --Genie] ...more

Indonesian Avocado Shake

[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a decadent treat that also provides a dose of healthy fat, this avocado smoothie from Indonesia is just what you're looking for. It's native to Bali, and is a vacation in a glass! --Genie]...more

Keep Your Cool with Iced Tea and Coffee

Iced tea and iced coffee are popular options when the weather turns sultry. But there are so many variations on this refreshing theme! Join me for a look at the best way to make iced tea and coffee, and ways to vary them so you're never bored with your caffeinated options. ...more
 @Veronica Lavenia Ooh -- iced espresso would be a great kick on a hot day. Glad this was a ...more

How to Make Basilcello

[Editor's Note: Though I've had plenty of limoncello in my day, I've never had this particular rendition of the digestion-aiding after-dinner liqueur: basilcello. This is a fantastic way to use up the abundant basil available right now, and to enjoy it into the cold months. --Genie] ...more