Paola Buonacara

Hi I'm Paola, the creator and author of The Mora Smoothie.
I have always loved nature and animals since childhood I dedicated to helping small 4-legged friends, andthis led me to study and graduate from the University of Veterinary Medicine of Perugia ...
But then I decided to develop a passion that I always guarded for fashion (making clothes for dolls and items for the people close to me), art, cooking, photography, travel and creativity in every aspect mixingthe whole.
Because it's nice to wear nice things and say "is of ..." but it is also very nice to say "I did" ... "inspired to ..."
Try it with me The Mora Smoothie, and create the right outfit mixing DIY and Brands.
My slogan is "live a full and watch the world around you ... everything is inspiration, a smile and a DIY andeverything changes for the better"

       The Mora Smoothie

Photo-shooting Stylist with Vince Liazza photographer!

Wave riding... with the Reef shoes!

The creativity of “Print-à-Porter” by Brother Italia!

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Valcalepio Blogger Tasting! Vinitaly 2014

Spring outfit with my DIY!

Cool DIY ring inspired by Delfina Delettrez!

Driving in Tuscany the new GLA by Mercedes-Benz! ...more

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"Handmade in Italy" by Morelato and Linea Nostra!