Shelley Lawrence

I am a proud Mumma and Wife and work for The African Children's Choir. Based in England but working all hours to speak to you all :) We are appealing to Moms and Dads to Give up a Gift for Africa on behalf of their kids this Christmas to help us raise money to educate more vulnerable African children. All the details can be found at or you can donate now at

Give up a Gift for Africa

Give up a Gift for AfricaWhen I was little I wanted to change the world, a little Lisa Simpson in the flesh.It was all so simple to me back then, why can’t everyone just share what they have? Then no one would be poor, no children would go hungry and everyone would have a house.Simple, right? A humble solution in my infant mind.My thoughts then turned into actions.I sent my football shirts to Africa (yes, I was a tom boy for a while, who’d of thought it?) and sent shoe boxes of presents to others at Christmas time....more
Hi Lisa - Many thanks for your kind comment. I am trying to get this campaign out to as many ...more