Jenelle Marie

Established in April of 2012 during STD Awareness Month, The STD Project is an award-winning independent website and progressive movement geared toward eradicating the stigma associated with contracting an STD and living with an STD by encouraging awareness, education, and acceptance through story-telling and resource recommendations. We welcome all people and all thoughtful opinions regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or experience with an STI/STD. 


Through The STD Project, we post interviews and stories (with permission or in an anonymous format) about people who have sexually transmitted infections or diseases and people who have loved someone with a sexually transmitted infection or disease as well as a plethora of news and resources related to STIs/STDs; testingtreatment, prevention, and moreBy facilitating and encouraging awareness, education, and acceptance, we are taking steps toward modern-day prevention by advocating for conscientious and informed decisions.


As the administrator of The STD Project, I will facilitate and encourage healthy discussion and can be a vessel for your STD/STI stories. In time, I won't need to be this vessel because we will have broken the stigma and opened the minds of others.


Until then, I am here to serve you.  :-)


Having an STD has not hindered my love life, inhibited my ambition, or limited my friendships (I’ve been married, auditioned for American Idol, gone skydiving 3 times, been an auditor for a Big 4 accounting firm, ran a 25k, started a successful business, worked as a 'carny' on a fried veggie wagon, completed 2 degrees, etc.). An STD, in short, has not stopped me from achieving anything or enjoying my life.


I am here to tell you, having an STD/STI does not have to stop you either.

Living With an STD: What It's Really Like

When you hear the term STD (sexually transmitted disease), what do you think of first? Grotesque pictures of maimed genitalia displayed on a projector during yester-year’s sex-ed class geared toward frightening you into abstinence? That scene from The Hangover where Sid says, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except for herpes. That sh*t will come back with you”? ...more
@raenez You stated that HPV cannot affect men nor can men be tested for it, well, that leaves me ...more