Jennifer Kennedy

Greetings! I’m Jennifer Kennedy. My goal is to share with you tips, tricks, and ideas that you can use to make your video and online training content more exciting and compelling for your audience.

I have a passion for education and teaching.

I had huge dreams of becoming a translator. I wanted to travel the world, drink champagne with diplomats, and stay at the finest hotels. However, the job prospects were tough (and mi Spanish era horible – or something like that).  My dreams fizzled. But, as life has it– I took a different route. I joined Teach For America and became a first grade teacher in Compton, CA (an experience I both enjoyed and would never change). After 3 years in Compton, the travel bug bit, and I moved to Yaounde, Cameroon to teach at an International School.

After 8 years of teaching, I left the profession and am now a project manager and trainer for an educational software company.

Unlocking creativity one project at a time.

When I lived in Cameroon, West Africa, I came up with a brilliant idea! My students and I would create this huge production, film it, and distribute it to parents as a gift. And, so my love of video production began. Currently, I create training videos and webinars for educators. I help educators and administrators learn technical software so that they can impact student learning.

Video Mojo is about putting spice into your content so that the audience learns AND keeps coming back for more.

This blog is an outlet to share ideas and build a community around video production (especially screencasts) for training and education. You will find that this blog is part educational, with a dose of personal growth, a smidgen of opinion, and a pinch of humor.



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