Random Thoughts n' Lotsa Coffee J.V. Manning

Life is Random and often fueled by coffee...

 Well my world is anyway.

Random thoughts, observations and musings. This is how I think and how I view the world. You never know what is going on in my head, it's fun to let it all out. I like to make people think, laugh and sometimes shake their heads. I have a tendency towards the sarcastic, probably way to blunt at times and will always call it like I see it. 

I love to observe people, experience life and then write about it. Often people face many triumphs, difficulties and choices during the course of their lives and it is amazing to find out on some random website that they are not alone.  I know each and everyone of you need different things at each chapter of your lives. Hopefully you will find something here  that speaks to you, makes you laugh, makes you think and keeps you coming back. 

You never know what I will come out with, find interesting  here. 

Let's get the Coffee Talk started. 

Never Say You're Sorry

I will not apologize for being confident. I wasn't always....more

Square Peg Round Hole

I shall write a letter.  I will address it to my younger self, because when you boil it down - the basic principles of life haven't changed. Everyone wants to matter. Everyone wants to fit in. From the children of today to the children of yesterday who still live inside each and every one of us....more

Standing On The Sidelines


Duct Tape & Tin Foil: A Christmas Tradition

It sat there--the final gift under the Christmas tree.  A huge box wrapped in shiny green paper that came up to my hip and much to my excitement had my name on it.  As I reached down to pick it up I was stunned at the heaviness of it. Reading the tag I saw that it was a gift from my grandmother. I remember looking over to her and seeing her smirk. She looked pretty proud of herself. Getting excited I plopped right down on the floor and got ready to open it....more
@Semi True Jen  I miss her every day ! She was so spectacular and I am so grateful to have had ...more

Ripples from Sandy Hook Elementary

There will always be good in this world. There will always be bad. It is life. It is a balance. And when something happens to disrupt that balance it is up to us to do something to correct it.  You cannot go back and erase what has happened,but you can go forward, learn from it and cause ripples of your own.~J.V....more

Use Your Words.

Use Your Words. 11/29/20123 Comments...more

Just A Matter of Time

 Each moment we have in life is a gift. A gift of time that is guaranteed to no one and more precious than gold. We need to spend more of it on things that matter and less on things that do not.  ~J.V. ManningTime. ...more

Season of Regeneration

Life cycles much like the seasons. But if we stubbornly cling to things that no longer work for us we will never make room for new growth.~J.V. Manning...more


We see ghosts all around us. Only now we call them memories.~J.V. Manning ...more