Look haute for not a laute, Part 3 Makeup and Beauty

Girly girl post here! I could spend hours and hoursssss at Sephora, the beauty counter at Saks, and yes, even the cosmetics aisle at Target! I am a sucker for a product, however, I am also a minimilist and hate having stuff laying around that doesn't produce.  Give me the goods, or you don't deserve space in my makeup drawer, period.  Some of our favorites...more

Kiss the Cook-My Grandmother's Oatmeal Bread

It's November, and you know what that means..Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.  To us that means family and friends gathering for food, fun and football! Our recipes this month will focus on that, and should you have any to share...by all means, it's not a party until everyone get's here! ...more

I'm so glad you made it, and enjoyed it as much as my family and I do! The next best thing to me ...more

Look haute for not a laute, Part 2 chez Target

Ran out of milk and dog food, back to Target honey! shh..we're on a secret mission to show you how to accessorize for less at Target! ...more

Mamas, you can and you will embrace the leggings

Hello Mamas,Kimberly here and I hope you all had a great Halloween! I'm sure you all are like me and everytime you walk past your children's candy you grab one for yourself and throw three in the trash!! ahaha!! I remember my friend telling me she finally threw it all in the trash and squirted mustard over it so she couldn't go back for more!!!! hysterical!Kim..you weren't supposed to tell people..xo Kate...more

iHaunt to dance with you..The new Halloween hits

I'm a sucker for a good holiday playlist, and Halloween is no exception.  Some non traditional Halloween hits to keep the party going and the ghoblins rockin'.   ...more

Lookin' haute and spending naute, Part I

Target..coming through yet again.... Part 1 in a series of lookin' haute and spending naute at one of our favorites, Target.  Today, let's dress up a little and spend a little.  And I do mean a little.  ...more

She's back, former Bloomies buyer Sara adds on to her basics wardrobe without going overboard

Yesterday we met Sara (welcome back Sara!), and got a glimpse into her closet of basics.  Today she fills us in how we can work in the seasons trends with just a few key pieces, and what she'll invest in, and what she'll save on.  ...more

Boo Appetite! Boo boli pizza squares, fast, easy, and deliciouso says Chef Gioioso

Hell0 Mamas!!Kiss the cook, it's Kimberly here and I would love to share a recipe with you that I sort of whipped up one day when I was in a pinch! Since then it has been a most requested party appetizer. How do I know its good... well I grew up in my italian immigrant grandmothers kitchen and I learned a few things, I loooovveeee good food! Even my very irish.. straight from the boat Brother in law can't stop eating them  and he only eats steak tips!! hahahaha!! Oh ya and my kids too!!! BINGO!!All you need for ingredients is this......more

Host a haunted Ghouls/Girls night out!

Who's up for a girls ghouls night out? Inspired by this (where you can find all directions and how-to's)...more