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Take a seat – LTYM videos are here!

Bedtime was already ticking past its expiration. Three rousing games of Zingo — red card, then green card, then red again — and a patience-straining room pick up meant the sun was beginning to dip toward the horizon. Still, we read ....more

Suzanne Davis Gets a Life – A review

Abbey has determined that when she becomes an adult she will be a veterinarian. Also, she wants to add ballerina, artist, writer, pediatrician, and lifeguard to that list, depending on her mood when you ask her. Though that seems like a lot, it might be more manageable with her proposed living arrangement, which is to stay here with us ....more

A Good Year for the Roses – A review

Molly Taylor curses in her head — rather frequently, in fact. Often, those exasperated sighs are directed at a bit of ridiculous imagined by one or more of her three sons, particularly once the four of them take up residence with her eccentric Uncle Bertie. Uncle Bertie is a retired Admiral in the British Navy and the husband of Molly’s deceased aunt, and he’s a little like a boy in that he derives great delight from his cursing, biting pet parrot and wanders away from the house to shoot off his cannon — blank powder, thankfully, and no that is not a euphemism ....more

A sneak peek – My Other Ex

My kids chose the ringtones for my new phone. I still startle at some of them. The chirping and beeping are so unlike the sounds I’d become accustomed to with my previous phone, but I know the text message tone ....more

Hannah, Delivered – A review

Neither of my deliveries went the way I planned. I’ve written about them, cried about them, reflected on them, and in the end I find myself in a place of gratitude for how each of them ended. I know, though, not all women feel the same way after falling down the rabbit hole of hospital births and medical interventions ....more

Sleepy but happy

I rushed into The Great Lakes Coffee Company for the first time when we were working on Listen to Your Mother. Our second day of auditions took place there. I was running late in the way I tend to be when juggling child-free scheduling — not exactly late but sliding into where I need to be with only breaths to spare ....more

That Night – A review

His eyes twinkle before he delivers a punchline, even the ones he doesn’t fully grasp. Jokes are currency in our house lately, peppering dinner table conversation and distracting kids when they’re toeing the line between afternoon and melt-down. Only recently did Dylan begin to understand not every joke began with a “Knock, knock,” — even now, he’ll forget and preface a non-knocking joke with a perfectly timed, “Knock, knock.” Those extraneous words let you know the joke is coming, and That Night by Chevy Stevens plays on that concept ....more

Summer break

Abbey’s last day was Thursday, and Dylan’s been done since the end of May, but today finally feels like the start of our summer vacation. Our break is shiny and new today, and everyone is excited about reading logs and barbecues and having to join me at the grocery store for the seventh time because I can’t remember everything the first six times I go. It seems fitting that I should be doing a little visiting today, and I’m over at The Writer Revived ....more

Under the crabapple tree

Venturing from our back deck to under the crabapple tree still seems like something they need permission to do, and I let them ask every time they want to wander out of eyesight. I can hear them when the kitchen windows are open, voices mingling together in a familiar lilting hum blending together sibling conversations to which I’m not privy. When the evening breeze chills the kitchen tile, I push the windows closed and walk onto the deck to see them playing under the low-hanging branches ....more

The Shadow Year – A review

Abbey’s kindergarten year is petering to a close. These last few weeks seem to drag like an anchor through water, trying to catch hold of summer break. She’s too little to be done with kindergarten — in some ways I feel like the year passed in fast forward, but these last days are never-ending ....more