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Permission To Be You

The road to self-acceptance can be a rocky one with lots of twists and turns. When I think back to some of the paths I attempted as a teen I kind of cringe. In her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny Lawson got some help on that path thanks to her father, a turkey named Jenkins, and an incident in the public school library....more
I am doing it more. I feel like I've had to let a few friendships go, but the ones that remain ...more

What is Your Confidence Wig?

There are days when we all need a little help -- a confidence boost. When we are in a situation that makes us nervous or anxious a little thing can make big difference. Jenny Lawson has found things that help deal with her anxiety disorder. She documents many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and one of my favorites is something that we can all do in our own way -- confidence wigs. ...more
I really want a confidence wig :)Great heels make me happy. I wear heeled shoes all the time, ...more

Sometimes: A List of Indulgences

Editor's Note: We spend so much of our days and nights 'being productive', meeting obligations and doing what is expected of us. But sometimes, wouldn't it be nice to do exactly what you feel? --HeatherSometimes I want to sing on the subway just to see who’ll join me.Sometimes I spend a whole day at work not speaking to another person, instead listening to Citizen Cope or Corinne Bailey Rae or Maze or Stevie Wonder or Adele or Luther....more
Yes, so much of this. The monotony of life versus the endless cycle of activity in my brain ...more

Bowls Versus Trash Cans

When you begin sharing your life with someone, you discover differences in family traditions. Sometimes they are foreseeable and other times they take you by surprise. Jenny Lawson recounts many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, including the time she discovered she had been sitting on couches wrong....more
Bucket! But a small bucket. (However, I rang in THIS New Year's with either a nasty Norovirus or ...more

Considering What Unites Us

While I read Alex George's A Good American I thought a lot about what it means to belong -- to a church, a town, a country, a family. Frederick didn't belong to Jette's social strata, so they had to leave their homeland in order to be together. When they reach America, they do not end up in the town they intended to settle in, but they put down roots there....more
I have a couple different communities where I feel truly comfortable. One of them is linked ...more

Beautiful Catastrophe: The Death and Rebirth of Becoming a Mother

So I was hanging out the other day with a friend who has a newborn. A freaking gorgeous newborn boy, to be exact. He is her first baby. She has recently become a mother. You know, when we hear those words we hear them like it’s no big deal -- “become a mother,” like you might “become a doctor” or “become a pet owner.” As if it’s just this thing that happens, without anything else happening -- it’s just this exciting addition to one’s life. You add this new thing and go about your business. Like a new-home owner, or a resident of a new town....more
This is so well-expressed. I think I was mentally prepared for the sacrifices and the changes ...more

What's Your Favorite Funny Childhood Memory?

In between laughing at Jenny Lawson's recounting of her childhood memories in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, I found myself comparing it to my own childhood. We didn't have raccoons in the bathtub, but my uncle totally had a raccoon for awhile. Alas, no one thought to make it jams. It did make me remember a few other childhood memories, particularly those involving wild animals....more
Things I think are funny now I took very seriously back then. For example, my brother and I had ...more

Is Your Life an Opera?

In Alex George's A Good American music is important to the lives of the characters and is integral to the plot. Jette and Frederick meet when he serenades her in a park. They find help in New Orleans from someone that Frederick met through music. This same man will come back into their lives and greatly impact their future. Frederick and Jette's sons and grandsons are all singers....more
I don't know if I have enough excitement in my life to be an opera! I think maybe a poem, one ...more

Finding Beauty in a Harsh Existence

I spent a lot of time while reading Lisa Gardner's newest book, Touch and Go, trying to figure out Libby. She was broken but she also showed a resilience and strength that surprised me, as I believe it did her kidnappers. I appreciated the glimpses of her past that we received, particularly the one below:...more
I find beauty in words. I love when I'm reading a book and fall into a story, and a sentence or ...more

Would You Maim a Buddy?

Now, hold on. I don't mean that the way it sounds, I promise! I like to read the author's notes and acknowledgements in books and Lisa Gardner's notes for Touch and Go were fascinating. I loved finding out how many characters in the book were named after real people....more
How fun is it to think of that? I think my dad would like to be wise, sage source of advice :)more