Tiffany Haywood

Love Life and Laughter gets me though many things...the Love of God my Hubby & my Kiddies plus the Life we're Blessed with and the Laughter they always bring me...I'll make you laugh think and even wonder but I'll never bore you...

My current focus is creating a blog worthy of your eyes, interest and at times even you a glimpse into my hectic but awesome life while enjoying the view myself...
I'm a Stay At Home Momma of 4: a Teenager a 2 Girlies and a Busy Buddie Boy and as all other SAHMomma's who do know this job has nothing at ALL to do with Staying At Home... LOL 
I specialize in Mothering: wiping the sticky smelly yuck and gooey...Cleaning the gross ewww and how did THAT get there...Kissing the booboos ouchies and awws and Loving my Kiddies above and beyond all else...
So join me on my journey as Follower, Wife, Momma and Friend...

It's Not All In The Going

 I am a child of the church....more

Blogger Or Vlogger - The Same Rules Apply

As Bloggers we all know there are certain ‘rules’ that apply to having a successful Blog. Yet sometimes when making that additional step to becoming a Vlogger we forget that the same rules apply. Creating a YouTube Channel and simply posting videos doesn’t create success anymore than creating content and posting it without any interaction or promotion will work for your Blog....more

Klout - 5 Changes You Need To Know

Have you noticed the changes over at Klout? They are major and can have just as major impact on your Klout. I want to highlight 5 changes you need to know that Klout has made recently and how you can use them to help increase your well… Klout!What is Klout?...more

Blogs Are So Last Year!

” Blogs Are So Last Year! ” This is what someone said to me in the midst of a conversation about a Perk I’d received from a Sponsor. She asked me how I had come across it and I replied, “through my Blog”. Never did I expect that to be her reply. I know a lot of people may have misconceptions of what a Blog is and even about the Bloggers behind them but I must say her response stunned me....more

All Because Two People Fell In Love...

MrsTeeIn love there are many levels of commitment and determination to make it despite whatever odds may come against you. So why is it that when someone says they are in love they describe it as falling as if they are not willing participants?  I have learned that at times because of past scars, wounds and experiences being found by love is not always least not at first....more

I've Been Thinking...

I've been thinking a lot lately on how my weeks have gone by...more

A 'Step' Away From Stepfather

MrsTeeMy story of how God sent me a man who was willing to take a step away from being an average stepfather and instead make the steps towards becoming the true father my son needed. ...more
not working out now for me. and my son has been with my husband now for 14 yrs and two younger ...more

The Sunday School Blues...I Want You!

MrsTee ...more

Dance Class Swap Out...

MrsTeeI've Got This... The night started as normal as any other Dance Class night. My Big Girlie came in from school we did our after school routine: check backpack for homework, read letters, sign notices, etc. ...more