Tina Scott

I am a happy wife and mom living in the beautiful Northwest. I have been married to my BFF, Rob for 10 years and we have three beautiful children that inspire us everyday to be better people. 

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The, 'Being Afro in a Straight World', issue I am mostly blogging about for now has been a personal journey for me. Media, beauty, fashion have always been a passion of mine and sorting out a definition of beauty for myself has been both sweet and sour, but I've made huge strides these last 5 years. That growth is what I want to share you.... and maybe in my story you will find freedom for yourself.

I want my thoughts/posts to CELEBRATE the differences within BEAUTY. I want to highlight the POWER and INFLUENCE of WOMEN.  And that is what you will find here.. tips on topics from makeup to motherhood, from hairstyles to lifestyles. Stories that impart the strength of women while learning about the best nail color ever!


I look forward to getting to know you through emails and comments. Talk to you soon




A Personal Best

This past weekend I attended my monthly book and everyone is pontificating her theories and I found myself jumping into the lion’s den of opinion.  Have you ever found yourself talking and not clearly making your point and before you can find yourself someone has already shot you down into oblivion?  If you know what I mean then you know that you pretty much feel like a chastised puppy who slithers away with it’s tail between it’s legs. But despite this social blunder, therein lies a personal best for me. ...more

Being Afro in a Straight World:'You look like a black power to the people person'

 Fall of 2005 I started thinking about what I would look like if I were to wear my hair natural. And I had a flashback…....more

Being Afro in a Straight World:Time for Change

Five years ago I started on a journey that I thought was simply about my hair. I was 27 and had looked like this for the last 5 years... not bad huh? Well.......more

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!more