Serial entrepreneur who loves finding opportunities, building teams and creating unique solutions. For 30 years, I developed expertise across a broad array of "technologies" at IBM, developing operating systems, middleware and industry solutions like video-on-demand with Hong Kong Telecom in 1994.

In 2003 it was time to try something new so I used my 25+ years of real estate investment experience and jumped into NH's construction industry, opening My Handyman of Southern NH. What's been fun is sharing my new found expertise with content on my web site, newsletters and blogging.

More surprising is discovering that selling is natural, that when I help people solve problems with their home ... that's selling! I love networking and enjoy mentoring other business owners who ask for help building their businesses. I started a cooperative marketing group, 4 Walls 1 Roof, to help small business owners get online quickly and inexpensively. I am continuing to look for ways to leverage the marketing skills I'm developing ... to create new solutions, so send me your ideas!

Join me as I launch the new Association of Home Professionals, a female friendly environment where women can find easy to read information about their homes, along with professionals to help them, owners who commit to code of ethics geared to what works for women.