Red, White, and Expecting: A Patriotic Pregnancy

As I round down the weeks on this, my fourth pregnancy, I can’t help but think how connected we all are as mothers. From the older to the younger, past and present, grandmothers and aunts and those who will come before us. We have all stood together, in the solidarity that is motherhood ....more

Baby Swag

It’s getting closer to baby time and if strangers’ reactions are any indication, I am clearly “about to pop” any day now. (Aka, every person I walked by at Kohls today when I waddled in to buy a new tank top in hopes I might survive the summer as something other than a sweaty pool of pregnant woman.) Except, of course, I’m not. I still have six or seven weeks to go, but we’ll just forget all that and focus on checking out some of the cool baby swag I’ve been collecting… ...more

Homemade Chai Tea Popsicles

So I may be slightly obsessed with chai tea....more

My Mid-Year Goals for 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any new goals on here. Once upon a time, I became a firm believer in committing my goals to writing–especially after, in almost every instance, I was able to reach them, and very quickly, I may add. Who knows if it’s a combination of believing it’s possible, putting the wish out to the Universe, or simply clearly articulating what you want, but it works ....more

Would You Choose An Induction?

This morning, after I woke up more exhausted than when I went to sleep (someone explain to me how that works in this lovely last trimester of pregnancy?), I realized something: My due date falls almost a week before school starts....more

Some Big Shoes To Fill

I bought them before he was even born. As the feet forming inside of me kicked and fluttered, growing stronger every day, I dreamed of the boots that would one day cover them. They were the simple work boots that I had come to associate with his father; the sturdy stretch of leather, the solid grip of a rugged sole, the unassuming color that wouldn’t fade in the sun or lose its luster from a little dirt ....more

5 Writing Tips From Author Emily Giffin

Last month, I traveled six hours round-trip with my two oldest in tow...more

Bring Tiny Blue Lines To Pregnancy Centers

Since I wrote my book, Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing For Your Baby, and Moving Forward in an Unplanned Pregnancy, I’ve been hoping to get it into the hands of the women who really could benefit from my book. And those women are the mothers who are facing unplanned pregnancies every day and those that serve them. One of the ways that I’m hoping to bring the book to those mothers is through the help of Heartbeat International, one of the largest coalitions of pregnancy centers in the world ....more

Father’s Day Gifts + Inspiration

Looking to get inspired with some great gift ideas for your man for Father’s Day? Look no further! I’ve got all the ideas for you, from penning your own love letter to crafts you can do with the kids to something for the tech-loving man ....more

From a Devastating Diagnosis To Mother of Five

Back when I was in Catholic school, I remember looking up to the “cool” girls–the ones who made our pleated, plaid kilt uniform look good, the ones who got started the trends, who got their ears double-pierced before anyone else. And one of those girls I looked up to and admired was Amy LeBlanc Wilson....more