I am a faculty member at a small college, married with no children.  I have been blogging since 2006. My blog, Perfect in Our Imperfections, was orignally called "Yet Another Weight Watchers Blog" and covered the usual recipes and scale and non-scale victories. Since then, I have expanded to talk about fitness, body image, the food culture, and the psychological side of weight loss and maintenance. I still haven't reached the perfect goal weight I imagined for myself when I started blogging, but I think I've found a little bit of balance and peace along the way.

My chat with a Gwynnie Bee stylist

This post contains some affiliate links but is otherwise uncompensated and unsolicited, and reflects my actual experiences.My school has a black-tie optional fundraising event coming up next weekend. I had thought to wear my Lace Shutter Sheath Dress (pictured at left), but I wanted some other options. Gwynnie Bee allows members to talk with (or email) a stylist and have items placed on high priority for a special event ....more

Book review: The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren

Unsolicited, uncompensated review. Opinions are purely my own.I heard an interview with the author of this book on Koren Motekaitis's podcast, and had to get a copy. As I often do with books that I want to read right away, rather than put on the shelf and get to "when I have time," I bought it as an audiobook through

Stupid scale

Okay, so the scale itself is fine, but the number on it has been discouraging. It's funny, I felt so good coming back from San Diego until I weighed myself. It's just a few pounds up, but it's enough to make me feel discouraged and ugly.. ....more

What I did this week: April 7 - 13

I left for a conference in San Diego early Tuesday morning. There were four of us from work, three who were going mostly to attend a workshop on how to prepare for an accreditation review, and our new dean. My roommate and I must have been in our administrative assistant's good graces, because the room she booked for us had this view: ...more

Guest blogging today

I am traveling for work today, but I am also the guest blogger at the Half Size Me blog today. ...more

Review: Lose It! Healthometer Bluetooth Scale

Note: Lose It! provided me with a free Lose It! Healthometer Bluetooth Scale for review at my request, but the text and opinions are all my own ....more

April Foolish: Diet extremes

NPR recently ran a story on the fat-free craze of the 90s...more

What I did this week: March 24-March 30

I got my replacement Jawbone UP -- they have wonderful customer service. ...more

Podcast alert: Lifestyle Accountability Show

I know I blogged about this before but I can't find the post. I did my interview for the Lifestyle Accountability Show a couple of weeks ago, and the show will be aired April 1 or April 2 if you're interested.I'm afraid I might not have managed to make a coherent narrative out of my story -- the problem is that this whole weight-loss thing has stretched out so long that it doesn't fit neatly into a before-during-after story. ...more

Disorganized eating: What am I thinking?

I was feeling so much better when I was following the plan and eating on a schedule with the right kinds of foods. ...more