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Trending in Beauty, Hair, and Fashion for Spring/Summer

Wondering what the latest trends in beauty, hair, and fashion are? Well, this week we narrowed down the most popular trends so you can see what you may or may not want to incorporate into your image.  Hair...more

Greek Yogurt Parfait

With Easter and Mother’s Day on the horizon, we want to give you an easy, healthy and delicious dessert to serve your guests and/or family.  If you are hosting an Easter lunch or a Mother’s Day brunch this dessert will leave your guests feeling very satisfied and not at all guilty.  Another plus of this delicious treat is that it looks very pretty displayed on a buffet or on your kitchen island for your guests to admire. ...more

How Not to Sabatoge Yourself, Ladies

We meet with women all the time who are tired of dating and never getting the great guy. Well Ladies, in a sea of single women, you need to stand out. You need to be the hot commodity that most guys will want to be with.In addition to the single women, we speak with married women often, who don’t feel appreciated or special by their man. Again Ladies, you need to be interesting, attractive and a quality person to keep the spark alive in your relationship.Here are our top 10 Tips for Gaining and/or maintaining a great relationship....more

What Is Your Mission?

Can you write a personal mission statement?  Writing a mission statement clarifies your essence, the roles you play.  It answers the questions who you are, what you are about and how you will accomplish your goals.Here is an example:...more

Asian Pork Meatballs

We love having parties and are always looking for something that is going to be a crowd pleaser. Our Asian Pork Meatballs are the perfect alternative to the cocktail meatballs that we have all grown to love. You know the ones with the grape jelly and chili sauce, which sound gross but we all know are good. So we gave these meatballs a try and found that they are delicious. The ingredients are all Asian inspired and will surprise your guests. You can serve them in a dish like we did or on a platter. You can also use ground turkey or chicken if you don’t eat pork....more

Trendy & Flattering Swimwear

Warm weather is in the mist and Spring Break is upon us and let us say, we could not be happier! We are currently sitting in our office thinking about soaking up the sun and sipping our skinny margaritas. The Summer 2014 bathing suit collections have been filled with eye catching colors, patterns, and embellishments. We have noticed that a lot of swimwear brands have added in more halter tops and active swimwear to their collections....more

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation has been practiced for many centuries and just recently people have gained light about how to meditate through the popular form of yoga. The wonderful thing about mediation is that you don’t have to go through the whole practice of yoga; you can meditate on your own whenever and wherever. Meditation is a practice, and with practice, you will be able to gain the benefits meditation has to offer and appreciate the journey of finding your center. Here is a great tutorial on how to properly meditate....more

Heavy Weights Are Unisex

One of the funniest, yet most prevalent comments/concerns I hear from women at the gym regarding strength training is: “ I don’t want to lift heavy weights and get bulky.  I just want to get toned.”  These women then proceed to pick up 3 pound dumbbells, do a gazillion repetitions of a bunch of different movements, and proceed to get nowhere near where they want to get in the results department. Now, when I say this is funny, I don’t mean,“ Funny ha ha!”  I mean funny as in “Ridiculous. Misinformed....more

The Resurrection of Respect

Another change of seasons is here.  It’s Spring.  Getting out and really enjoying the fragrances and colors of spring is invigorating and represents change.  Appreciating the change and all its newness means really being present.  Perhaps lessening the use of technology would enable us to be aware of our surroundings.Here are a few simple examples of civility, respecting the rights of others and simple consideration.  At times, cell phone sensitivity may be applied:...more

5 Dating Ideas To Get Out And About This Spring/Summer

With the beautiful weather fast approaching, it’s high time that we suggest some date ideas for our active couples and singles out there. Being active makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, and getting in shape with your partner or even on your own, will help get your endorphins flowing, get you more fit, and rev up your sex life! We have compiled a list of awesome date ideas and activities for active people....more