Elizabeth Hawksworth

I'm a writer, blogger, nanny, iPhone photographer - I do it all! I live in Toronto, just trying to navigate my way through the world. I love to read, write, hang out with my cats, and watch children grow up. This city provides me tons of opportunities to do the things I love! I'm a poet and a published author - find my book at Amazon.com!

Sacrifice on Good Friday: Finding Meaning As An Agnostic

I was having a conversation with one of my coworkers yesterday about religion. He’s Jewish, and this week, he is celebrating Passover. As we stood in the dusty warehouse, with the shafts of light illuminating the dust from high above, he told me that for him, it’s not about religion. It’s about tradition. It’s about remembering where he came from and why he celebrates....more

All I Want Is To Be Your Harbour: Community Online

One of the things that I love best about our new online-based world is that I never feel alone. And for an introvert, who often likes being alone, that can be sometimes overwhelming. Like the real world, the online world can be too much. But as a rule, my online world has treated me well. It’s more than a couple of social networks – it’s an entire community, there day and night, just like a real community is....more

Troian Bellisario's "Exiles": When Love Just Isn't Enough

We’re all familiar with Shakespeare’s iconic star-crossed romance, “Romeo and Juliet”. I read the epic tragedy in high school and empathized with the couple’s desperation and blind infatuation, masquerading as love. It couldn’t have ended any other way – the reckless abandon in which these two teens threw themselves into their relationship, despite their families, despite everything, spelled disaster from the word “go”. But you’re left hoping maybe they could work it out. Maybe it didn’t have to end with death and suicide....more

I'm Gay, and I Will Be Supporting The 2014 Olympic Team in Sochi

I hate slotting people into little boxes. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Everyone has an identity, but the way they identify may not be their entire identity, and it’s certainly not the most interesting thing about them. I’m also a big believer in acceptance, which means I don’t believe that one facet of a person’s character needs to be made into a big, deal-breaking issue in order for them to be loved and accepted.Like being gay, for instance....more

Let It Go (Conceal, Don’t Feel): Controlling My Anxiety with Disney's "Frozen"

I’m going to admit it – I’m in love with Elsa from Disney’s new movie, “Frozen”. I think she’s an amazing character who has a lot to teach kids about achieving their potential despite what anyone says about them and their abilities. Plus, she’s played by the incomparable Idina Menzel, which means that I was going to pay attention even before I knew what the movie was really about. Lastly, I have always had an interest in Norwegian culture, and the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” was one of my favourite fairy tales when I was little....more
I've got similar thoughts on this movie. It is definetely showing a person with anxiety. I find ...more

Permission to Feel: A Story of Self-Harming

Warning: this post could be triggering to those who self-harm. Read at your own risk....more
Hello there, Elizabeth! I cannot read your words without wanting to reach out and comfort you, ...more

Dear Jennifer Lawrence, Saying "Fat" on TV is Okay

In your recent interview with Barbara Walters, you stated that you thought it "should be illegal to call someone fat on TV." While I understand the context in which you said it – that the adjective "fat" is used to hurt and demean women – I am uncomfortable with this statement. I’m uncomfortable with it because the adjective "fat" is just that, an adjective describing someone’s body type. It’s already a negative thing. Why make it a taboo thing to say when for many people, it’s just a true descriptor of how they look? ...more
Oh geez. It's pretty clear she was exaggerating to make a point. Calling someone "fat" as ...more

My Life Online: A Story of Today’s Communication

I was recently paging through an old journal of mine when I noticed that it abruptly stopped on June 19, 2001. I had to keep the journal for my high school “Writer’s Craft” class, and I used it as a way to sort out my confusing feelings regarding my own sexuality, the withdrawal of one of my closest high school friends, and the issues I was having figuring out what happiness looked like for me. It stopped because class ended, but that never mattered to me – I journalled obsessively through my high school years, writing bad poetry and long sappy letters to crushes I had....more

Dear Concern Troll: It’s Not Me, It’s You

I can get behind a lot of that thinking, though I do believe that there’s one key point that we need to keep in mind when we’re having these discussions. The goal should be to be honest without being hurtful. Too often in our society, we turn to barbed comments and snarky remarks to address things that we don’t like about someone else. Often, these remarks are in the guise of concern, hence the term “concern-trolling.” ...more
As I was labeling my frozen dinners to put in the office freezer one day a co-worker said to me ...more

The Battle To Be Fat & Human

A few months ago, I wrote about what it was like to want to feel cool, especially when you never have felt that way before. That was in response to Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO telling the world just what he thought of kids that just “didn’t meet the standard of cool” shopping at his store and expecting to find satisfaction. And you’d think, in this day and age, that this sort of idiocy would be left back in high school where it belongs....more