I am a stay at home mother of three and I also have a child in heaven. I am 34 years old. I love my children.I love to write. I love to make people laugh. I take a hip hop dance class with teenagers. My favorite show is "So You Think You Can Dance?" I am honest. I love watching Formula One racingwith my husband. I once bungee jumped off a crane in Mexico. I like Lucky Charms, but rarely eat them. They leave such a bad aftertaste. I love God. Some of my weaknesses are pride and selfishness. And I am too judgmental. Gives God some good material to work on though.

I like to blog. My blogs will make you feel better about yourself as a parent and as a person. I like to post the worst photos of my family, our fashion rebellion (but I don't wear Mom jeans or Christmas sweaters), MBDs (mental breakdown days), what it's really like to birth child without drugs, etc. My kids are hilarious, but they usually don't mean to be. I know, I know, that's what they all say. But come on people - your kids are not that funny. Mine are. Did I say I struggled with pride?



When I was 9 years old I looked in the yellow pages andfound an agent. Called and left a message. They called back. Set upappointment. There began my childhood acting career. I was featured in over 20 commercials. For two seasons I starred in the syndicated television show, “The New Lassie." I also made a guest appearances on "Growing Pains" and “The Wonder Years.” I had a great experience in Hollywood. Was grounded in my faith and had a supportive family. Left the life of acting to finish out my senior year of high school in normalcy. Then went on to UCLA. Loved it. Was on the dance team.  

Got married in 1998. Popped out 4 babies in 5 years and here I am! Totally desperate Mom lifer.



What does the inside of your car look like - CONTEST!

Let's just come clean people. If you were to go out to your car right now, what would you find? I have decided to to come clean with my DMV. Dirty minivan. I was tempted to stage my vehicle to make myself feel like a better person, but decided to leave it as is. ...more

Ever Had a Mental Breakdown Day? Thank God for Prom Dresses.

My husband came home from work the other day and I had dinner on the table just for the two of us. He said, "What about the kids?"I replied, "I'm not a big fan today."He said, "I meant, what are they doing for dinner?""Oh." I replied honestly. "They already ate."Well, I guess that sums up my day. ...more