Dr.Lorraine Williams

I am a full time TrackMom, part-time Chiropractor. Helping with Lauren’s training and all the other activities that drive her little engine. 

I hope to introduce the concept  at TrackMom.com  that a little positive sports intervention  with,  Chiropractic,  body work, healthy eating , proper diet, nutrition  hydration, rest, good balanced age appropriate training and  of course some  fun along with healthy competition  goes a very long way.

I am the co-author of my first book titled:

“Runners Take Your Mark : The Parents Guide To Youth Track and Field ”    


My Life as a (Junior) Olympian Track Mom

As I contemplated what I wanted to share about my experience as a Junior Olympian’s Mom, I pondered a recent  ESPN June’12 article that proclaimed my daughter (known as the world's fastest 11 year old) Lauren Rain Williams is...“A potential Olympian and one of the top 33 women that will change the way sports is played” ...more