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Cheeky, geeky, crafty, explorer withthree furry monsters who rule the roost.

BlogHer claim to fame: I haven't missed an annual BlogHer conference yet! 

Librarian by day...

I became a Librarian not because I love books (doesn't everyone?!), but because I found my passion in helping people find things and how to make the most of the fabulous libraries of the world. Currently, I'm the Librarian at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford.

You can follow my Librarian type discoveries via @LibrarianTricia on Twitter.

The rest of the time...

I read, craft, travel, take pictures and enjoy discovering new places to eat in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. I talk about those things and anything else that strikes my fancy at

My personal Twitter feed is @cheekyattitude

I like to take pictures and I'm enjoying the process of learning more about photography. My pictures are on Flickr

I knit, knit, knit - and you can find me on Ravelry as CheekyAttitude.


: I don't seem myself reading 21 books before the end of the month so 2012 reading goal #fail.
: Talking to a friend right now and it has me thinking -- what your OMG READ THIS book of 2012?

Which of the U.S. National Parks Have You Visited?

Have you ever visited any of the of over 400 national parks that are part of the United States National Park Service? It's one of the best ways to get a first-hand view of this beautiful country in all its variation and wonder. I've watched alligators slither through the river of grass from an air boat on the Florida Everglades. I've seen the sun rise over the dormant volcano Haleakala on Maui....more
@Darcie Glacier is stunning! Probably the best vacation we've had was a week in and around ...more

Lincoln: The Movie, The Man, The Politics

Speaking about the essence of his newest movie Lincoln, Spielberg said “I did not want to make a movie about a monument. I wanted the audience to get into the working process of the president.” ...more
@DammandCherry I find thinking about the difficult times and the person behind those big ...more
: I have never thought of having a Good Morning Miso. Have you?
: As much as I really do understand the digitization of encyclopedias, I want physical copies of dictionaries.
: A couple of new tech/social media posts up at! #Instagram and #Pinterest!
: Thanks to BlogHer12 I was invited to be the guest blogger on the Katie Couric show.

Conference Corner: What Causes Your Pre-Conference Butterflies?

Every year, since my first BlogHer conference in 2008, I've thought, "This is the year I'm not going to panic before the conference. THIS is the year I've *got* this." And, like clockwork, I find myself doing stomach flips the week before, sometimes even the month before, for any number of reasons. Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects to get all jittery before the conference, but it happens anyway. We're people. We freak out. Especially when this happens....more
I love the BlogHer conferences - I've been to every yearly conference. And every year since the ...more

On Tech Tips and Tools For Navigating #BlogHer12

Last year at BlogHer, I attended almost every session, party and keynote. I made it early for yoga, was up late on the dance floor. In between, I got to know the Expo Hall from front to back. But I wasn't an attendee. As the official photographer last year, I got to see it all from behind a camera lens, and like seeing the wizard behind the curtain, I was given the opportunity to see how it all comes together. This year, returning as an attendee and a speaker, I feel like I come with the benefit of all that those five days taught me. ...more
Wonderful tips - I have a portable powerstrip like the one you link to and take it on all my ...more