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Lovely little things, 24

The lovely little things this week centered mostly around my still broken refrigerator. Sorry, I know you’re tired of hearing about it. Me too ....more

We worry (part 2: the ‘still not talking’ edition)

“Is it yummy?” I ask him. He nods vigorously and rubs his hand along his belly, the not quite ASL sign for ‘yummy’ that he and his sister designed. Milky, creamy chocolate drips down his chin as his tongue escapes his mouth again, aiming for the ice cream cone I’m holding in my hands ....more

A broken fridge and mesothelioma

Our refrigerator is still broken. As of Thursday, it will have been broken for a month. A month of living out of coolers in our kitchen ....more

Lovely Little Things, 23

This week’s lovely little things. weekend fun Visitors always bring us out of the house and into weekend fun. Without people we feel we have to entertain and dazzle with the sights of our town, we tend to hide away under trips to the grocery store and laundry and yard work ....more

Don’t stay here today

Because I’m not! I’m at Mamalode today talking about what I thought would be my last adventure before settling into the soft life of motherhood. Did you know that before I had my littles, I traveled all the way to… ....more

This day

On the shortest, darkest, most bitterly cold day of Winter, I push through with the dream of this day. I endure the white and the grey and the way my fingers feel like they just might fall off, giving up their battle against the frost and the ice, because I know this day is out there. I live for this day ....more

Lovely little things, 22

This week’s lovely little things. lovely little crazy potato head we take walks Dinner was winding down, forks had stopped scraping plates and, the toddler was swinging his above his head. And as we approached the transition into after-dinner time, she turned to me and said most eloquently in her little girl voice, “Mommy? ...more

Growing Together: Mother of Imperfection

Welcome to another week of growing together! A few months ago, when I brought back my weekly gratitude practice, a friend introduced me to a group of like-minded writers who come together every week to celebrate ten things of thankful. And that is where I found Sandy of Mother of Imperfection ....more

This beginning: the life of a freelancer

After this ending, of course, came this beginning. This beginning, set in my bright and sunny office on a Monday that stretched long and luxuriously in front of me, a beautiful expansive landscape with which to write and breathe and think and plan and, finally, do this thing. I wish I could say that I ran eagerly into that big expanse and starting doing big, expanse-worthy things, really, fully, completely taking advantage of every blessed second and drop of energy that came with this new beginning ....more

So big and so small

“She wants you.” he said, standing in the doorway. My body groaned. I grumbled ....more