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Pretty darn perfect

Easter is one of those days that I always feel I should expect more of. I always feel it should be more celebratory. More exciting ....more


Sometimes I look at her and I wonder. I wonder at how we’re here. Here with long, lanky legs ....more

Lovely little things, 13

This week’s lovely little things. oh yea, the park Things to do. Always there are things to do ....more

I’ll never be done making my kids’ childhood magical

Last year, as Memorial Day approached, my daughter started to ask questions. “Why don’t I have school on Monday?” Well, it’s Memorial Day. “What’s Memorial Day?” It’s a holiday… “A holiday? ...more

Lovely little things, 12

Another round up of this week’s lovely little things. lovely little wayward tulip yeah, the park again! I know, I...more

We worry

We worry. We all do it. It comes more naturally than anything else in parenthood, doesn’t it? ...more

Lovely little things, 11

This week’s lovely little things. park time Maybe sometime in the middle of summer, park time will stop being so notable that it tops this list when it happens. But probably not ....more


I settled into my Sunday evening with a calming sense of security that our relaxing and peaceful weekend had led us to prepare well for Monday. That everything was ready and in its place for a graceful easing into the week. That sense of security was false ....more

Lovely little things, 10

A little roundup of this week’s lovely little things. daddy’s home He got home late Tuesday night. Missed bedtime but walked through the door just in time to plant goodnight kisses on a still-awake little girl ....more

Wearing cute shoes

I like cute shoes. I like nail polish. I like the feeling I get when I’ve just painted my nails and I catch glimpses of them as I type, or, even better, when I model them to myself in the mirror ....more