Tarrant aka TW aka Thatwoman

I have worked online since 1995. I have several personal blogs, way too many feeds in my reader.

I am passionate about my family and online community.

I work as a Community Moderator for Mother Nature Network and also work for the BlogHer Publishing Network.

Assorted Personal Facts:

We have a blended family of six children--from all grown up and married (with our first grandchild now) down to high school. My mother lives with us. We have three prairie dogs, a bird (one of our high school-aged daughter's), a dog (my mother's).

My Blogs

Happy Sock Day

On this day in 2001, you surprised me by declaring your love. I surprised you by spending the day building my first website for you. Proving I could do it all by myself ....more

My Secret Foodie Life

Mama is out of town. I am sure she thinks that Denise and I are eating out at ALL THE PLACES we never take her to while she is gone. Mama will be out of town until May 1 ....more

How to Make Rice Krispies Treats

I’ve been informed that our history is being lost through adulteration of Rice Krispies treats. I find this a shame because I LOVE homemade (and homemade only) Rice Krispies Treats. Unfortunately, I tend to make a mess of it and I really only want one ....more

The Idyll-A Revelation

When I started talking about The Idyll, I thought it was for me. I thought it was the dream forever home for me. I had an inkling it wasn’t but it wasn’t until people commented on our rescuing of dogs and prairie dogs that it sort of got more purpose ....more

Gay enough?

So, there is a lot of chatter on social media and the media about laws that allow people to refuse service to gays and lesbians. And a lot of it centers around not serving gay people in restaurants. The ridiculousness of gay eating, the horror of “Jim Crow” laws (and I really dislike the comparison […] Related Posts: Feeling Empathy for Kate A Start (Yet Another BlogHer13 Post) Thankful for Options… In Memory of Miles A Fashion Show Stole My Heart ...more

The Idyll–Art and Craft Mini-Village

The Idyll has had a crafting “street” pretty much from the beginning. It morphs and changes a bit. First it started with the Fiber House ....more

Snow and Ice Tips from The Frozen Tundra

Some of you may be experiencing the joys of snow and ice for the first time in a decade or longer. Some of you may just feel like this winter has lasted a decade. (or that could be me) In any case, I do have some tips-some learned as a child–some learned as a resident […] Related Posts: The Idyll–Christmas Getting to Happy Turkey Off-Season Terrascaping a Small Planet Waffle House Family ...more

Super Busy Since the New Year Apparently

I have a billion blog posts in my mind but none I have time to type out. Here is a wee update though: After screaming that Avocado and Guacamole were out to poison her for a long time–girl child put guacamole on her mini nine layer dip yesterday and ATE it. She also has progressed […] Related Posts: Vegetarian Children Cropping Up All Over A Very Vegan Holiday? ...more

Plans for the New Year

My plans for 2014 in no particular order: Figure out how to sell scrap metal and get it taken off to the scrap buying place. (3 steel prairie dog cages, an enormously heavy but very dead electric wheelchair, a “transport” wheelchair (also very dead), a kitchenaid mixer–not totally dead I don’t think but floodwater may […] Related Posts: How Do You Plan Your Days? Room for Improvement Happy Sock Day-Info (No Graphic) #BHBC Takes a Tug at Love at First Bark A Fashion Show Stole My Heart ...more

How Do You Plan Your Days?

I received a Filofax for Christmas. It is the Doodler model for those of you who obsess about such things. All this means it seems is that it comes with a tiny not quite usable Spirograph type toy in the back ....more