Lauren & Sam Fisk

TwIn Style is a personal style blog started by fraternal twin sisters living in opposite parts of the country who wanted to share their daily looks with each other. We have in common a love of fashion, careers in education, and a birthday.

Lauren is a teacher in Indiana who loves bows, blouses, and pencil skirts. Sam is a speech and language pathologist in Texas who favors a vintage-inspired, ladylike look.

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The Power of a Haircut (or Two)

Growing up as twins, Sam and I got used to looking alike every day. Even though we are fraternal, my mom loved to dress us in identical outfits and, more important, identical hairstyles. In preschool, we always wore our hair in high ponytails. When Sam got bangs, so did I. ...more
OH the ever wonderful discussion of hair.  And what better than show a photo tour of where you ...more