Casey Carey-Brown

I am a lesbian mommy blogger living in Boston with my wife and daughter. I write at Life with Roozle about our adventures as a family of three. I also write for Huffington Post Parents and Lesbian Family

An Open Letter to My Wife for Mother's Day

Dear Wife, In our house, there are two parents. Both of us are mothers. Both of us are hard on ourselves. Both of us feel the unique pressures of motherhood. Both of us are plagued with the guilt. And because of it, because of seeing you, I'm learning to let it all go. Having another mother right in front of me every morning, next to me each night, makes me see that motherhood is hard....more
What a beautiful tribute to shared motherhood, and marriage.  I kinda got something in my eye ...more

Deciding to Remain a Family of Three

I grew up the youngest of three. I have two older brothers. MCB is an only child. Growing up, I thought I wanted two kids. I never considered having just one. MCB thought she wouldn't have any kids, but quickly changed her mind when we met. When Roozle was nine-months-old, I read a post by our friends who wrote about choosing to have just one kid. Until then, we hadn't considered just having one. It's always about children, not child. ...more
Thank you for this post and the link to the podcast. I know it's been a year since you posted it ...more