Allie Fields

I blog about being a stay at home mom trying to find balance in everyday challenges while parenting two young chidren, one of which has special needs. Join me in this journey through the ups and downs of each day as I learn about my son's diagnoses andhow to help him grow to be all he can be.

Banishing Mommy Guilt

A few days ago an article was published on MSNBC about a study that claims that the risk of Autism goes up three fold if a child is conceived within 12 months after the birth of a previous child. The article infuriated me. As I read, all I could hear was "It's all your fault" over and over in my head. My two kids are just shy of 16 months apart....more

A Different Kind of Birth Story

Let me start off by saying that this isn't the usual happy birth story. The whole process of how he was born and my recovery have been extremely hard and tiring so please be patient with my feelings. This is one of those times where you really have to walk a mile in my shoes to understand. I know there are many of you out there who have successful C-section stories and that is awesome, but this isn't one of them. My son Cameron arrived Thursday March 19th at 9:15 am after 38 weeks and 5 days gestation....more

My Child Is Not To Blame

To the mommy who felt that my little guy's behavior was negatively influencing her child,...more