Valerie Brunmeier

Hi, I’m Valerie. I am a wife and mother to four mostly grown men. By day, I work as the office manager for our family owned business. In my free time (ha!) I blog, which usually means at night, curled up on the couch next to my husband. My focus here, as it is in my kitchen, is simple, seasonal home cooking. I will share my adventures in the kitchen, from creating new recipes, menu planning, hunting and gathering, meal preparation, and serving the hungry carnivores in my home.  


Life is complicated...dinner shouldn't be!

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are an Easter tradition in this house and one that the boys would never let me forget. Especially Boy #2. I believe he might have given up half the goods in his Easter basket for a couple of these rolls warm from the oven ....more

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

We’re less than a week away from Easter and this recipe has absolutely nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with the fact that...more

Creamy Cauliflower Gratin

It’s my feeling that cauliflower is one of the most underrated vegetables around. It is, in fact, super versatile and really very tasty. Especially, when it’s smothered in a creamy, delicious, cheesy, sauce and topped with bread crumbs and Parmesan ....more

The Costco Haul – March/April 2014

I’m sharing a two month combo haul this time around because… well because March was gone in the blink of an eye and there was just no time to pull it together. Truth. We had a houseful again with the boys home from college on Spring Break ....more

Wilton Armetale Metal Serveware Giveaway!

I was recently introduced to this beautiful collection of metal serveware from Wilton Armetale and I’m thrilled to be participating, along with a group of other bloggers, in this great big Easter prize pack giveaway. Wilton Armetale...more

Bacon Horseradish Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs have stirred something deep down inside me. They are out of this world good, my friends....more

How To: Perfect Easy to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

With spring officially in full swing and Easter just around the corner, there will be lots of deviled eggs happening in many of our kitchens very soon. I thought this was the right time to share some simple tips that will result in hard-boiled eggs with a creamy, bright yellow center and an easy to peel shell, making them perfect for all of your Easter recipes....more

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (Lightened Up)

Truth be told, I haven’t allowed myself to eat pasta with alfredo or any other full on, cream based sauce, for most of my adult life. It was an easy sacrifice for me to make in my effort to stay in the same size jeans. As a result, if I even attempt it to eat it now, I can only manage a forkful or two ....more

How To: Roasting Beets

I’ve always loved beets. My first experience with them was in the old style, restaurant salads back in the 70′s (the olden days). I’m talking iceburg lettuce, lots of thousand island dressing and topped off with a couple of sliced beets ....more