Luvelvetee Smith

I am Luvelvetee, but my nickname is Velvet. I am a 25 year old business student and I am helping my Mom care for my Grandmother. I'm an only child and I am a product of the homeschooling program. I love to read, study, cook, help people and do little hobbies. My hobbies are crocheting, sewing and writing. Plus, I really want to learn how to knit. I am very driven and ambitious. And strong willed, as my Mother says. I  LOVE watching Whose Line, The Pioneer Woman, Giada, Ina Garten, Trisha Yearwood, HGTV and comedies. I am excited about blogging. I want to learn how to blog and how to do it well. I will work at this all the time and I look forward to getting your feedback. God bless!

Happy Easter !

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say to all of you, my Blogher family, that I wish you a very Happy Easter!This day, is always such a special day. It's the day when we celebrate the rising of God's Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ. After three days, he rises again. With all power in his hands.You know, Good Friday always holds many special feelings. The first of course, being the Greatest sacrifice made by God and his Son. God sacrificing his son and Jesus, sacrificing his life for us. For our sins and for us to have the right to the tree of life. ...more

Blogs to Watch (or should I say, Read!)

As you know, I love to share other blogs with bloggers. Whenever I find blogs that I didn't know about or that other bloggers may not be aware of, I love sharing them with all of you.  So, thanks to, I found some great blogs and they are beautiful. Most of them, are Fashion blogs and I think that they are really creative.  They all have great reasons for starting their blogs and I enjoyed reading their "About Me" pages. So, without further delay, here the blogs. Bianca from Avant Blargh Created by Avant Blargh...more
Thanks! I'll check this out over the weekend.more

Virginity: It's not a disease. It's a Choice!

Ok, first of all I am pretty sure that everybody that I know, knows that I am a virgin. And I am proud of that. But,  there is one question that I have. Why is it so many people ask me the same question. Which is, "What you waiting for?" Just like that. Now, they've decided to change it up and ask it like this, "You still waiting?" It's posed differently, but it's the same question....more

Think you got what it takes to be a Millionaire or Billionaire? According to them, we all do!

Do you have an idea that you think would appeal to the masses? An idea that you've looked up on the internet and you haven't found anything out there like it? Maybe,  it's a service or goods that everybody needs and don't have? Maybe it's something that everyone complains about and no one knows how to solve the problem? But, you do?...more

A Woman is like a Tea bag. You never know how strong it is, until it's in Hot Water!

Are there any quotes that you love?  I truly love quotes. I love reading little gems of wisdom and I love what it says about the person. See, when I read these quotes, it gives me a get view into the minds of people. It gives me a great look into the depth of the quote.Whenever people say things that are incredibly memorable, whether it's deep or it's funny, you can tell that it comes from great life experience. Some of it comes from embarrassment and some of it comes from pain. Some of it comes from broken relationships and some of it comes from great marriages. ...more

Honesty: Where do you draw the line between being honest and being too honest?

Honesty. A commodity that everybody says that they want in a person and in a friendship. When we ask a person if they've got time to listen to us and we share our problems with them. We ask them for advice and what they think about the situation. Then, we'll say, "I want you to be honest with me." Then, if that person is honest with us, then often times, we'll get mad with them. How is that fair?...more

#FLONYC (Flow-Nice)

About two months ago, First Lady Chirlane  McCray created a blog to document her progress in the success of the Mayor's team efforts on education in New York City. It's called #flonyc.#FloNYC, pronounced Flow Nice, is a blog that highlights and show the work that is being done on behalf of the youth of New York. As you may know, New York has been dealing severe issues with their Pre-K and After School Programs.  There are many Parents that have been disappointed, just like Parents all over the country and around the world. ...more

Youtube #NewTrends

Trends. The number thing that so many people look at when they get up in the morning, is what's trending. What's hot on Instagram and what's up on Facebook. In this day and age, those things are often about as important to some people as paying their bills. Unfortunately, sometimes more so. Well, Youtube is about to add more to the social trending phenomenon....more

Friends like These.....

For over a week, I was having major car trouble. It was some of the worst sounds for a rear tire to make. I just hated the sounds it was making. I was so nervous about driving the car, that I didn't drive it for a week!I knew that it had to be fixed and I really wanted to save money on getting it fixed. Because a friend of mine told me that some auto shops will stiff women on prices. Like, if a guy needs a tire, he will only pay half of what they will charge a woman. So, I was worried about that, so I asked anothe one of my friends to he would fix it for me....more

Mayor De Blasio and First Lady McCray hosts a GroundBreaking Roundtable Discussion

Today, The Mayor and First Lady of New York hosted a Roundtable discussion, highlighting the Ethnic and Foreign Language Media, in the Mainstream Sector....more