Veronique Godbout

My love for painting and food, creating my passionate life, everyday. Making art and cooking is the expression of my happiness, hope and wisdom. I want to share the joy and excitement painting and cooking brings to me as an artist and as person by showing the different ways of living in my world.

Painting of a girl with all her best things

Painting of a girl with all her best things I have just finished a new painting called The girl and all her best things. Basically it is kind of a self portrait. Me surrounded by all the things that i love and that are so important to me. I like creating those kind of images because they are so joyful....more

A cat painting for spring

A cat painting for spring Here is my latest creation. A cat painting with flowers inspired by a previous painting that i did a couple years ago. This is acrylic and ink....more

I like it very much!

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A lot of new paintings

A lot of new paintings I am currently in the process of creating a lot of new images, that is why i am less ponctual with my blog. But i am fully working on my production. Here are the images that i created in the last couple of weeks. ...more

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec Pâté chinois is a great family recipe. With his historical roots, this comforting meal is reproduced on a regular basis in kitchens across Quebec. The Pâté chinois is certainly the national dish of Quebec. It's a recipe that our grandmothers and our mothers did. It is democratic, easy to make, cross generations and social classes. ...more

Some final paintings

Some final paintings I have finished my creation on 3 paintings today, meaning that i can now begin some new images. Here is the final result. The paintings with the birds are smaller size. ...more

Evolution of some paintings

Evolution of some paintings I am cooking less as you can see and i am more deeply creating images.Here is my later work, some early images that i modified, some that i continue creating. ...more

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings ...more

Painting Tea for 2

Painting Tea for 2 I am finally back from my vacation with my husband for Valentines day. I saw a lot of stained glass everywhere during my time off, so i am really inspired for my art production.I finished the painting Tea for 2 today. Here is the final result. It is acrylic and ink on canvas. ...more

thank you for your kind words Denise.more

Paintings of sunflowers and Home is where the heart is

As i told you at the beginning of the week, i am deeply immerse into my art production. If you remember, i began painting an art piece called Home is where the heart is. I finished it today. ...more

The virtues of lemon

The virtues of lemon and some Lemon pasta We associate easily the lemon with drinks, to fight a big cold or the flu, and we are all aware of the high vitamin C content of this fruit. However, the lemon has so much more to offer. I am using tons of lemon in my everyday cooking but i am also drinking the juice of a half lemon everyday for a clearer skin.   Therapeutic use of Lemon:   ...more