Running Solo

It was just last week  temperatures plummeted to below-20 with a wind chill factor of -36. It was on those cold days I would bundle up and run. On most of the runs, I was fairly warm, with the right gear.  I enjoyed the brisk air, the snow-covered trees, and quiet trails. ...more

You are out exercising and that's great! You are right - it is about personal preference and ...more

Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head

One first draft of a novella, two half-finished short stories, and one personal essay, all looking at me, waiting for me to edit, rewrite, rework, revise, and start the whole evil, editing cycle, over once again. Unfortunately, editing has become one of those  tedious labours which my red pen keeps getting interrupted by the telephone, the anxious dog, and the thumping of the washing machine. I’m looking, at the papers, looking at my red pen, and then looking out the window....more

Trash Talk Tuesday: It’s All About H20

It’s Trash Talk Tuesday! We could debate global warming! Or, I could knock you over the head with why idling your SUV in the Tim Horton’s line-up is bad for the environment? Or discuss an already fiery eyed topic like the Tar Sands?...more

Running in the Winter

It was just this past summer I developed a new-found love for running. It has slowly become a healthy habit that I enjoy which does not involve a glass of red wine. However, as late fall arrived, so did the cold weather. I made a pact with myself that I would not let the cold weather defeat me....more

A Conversation with the Bell Boy

On Saturday night Maggie and I enjoyed an evening of festive fun at Christmas in November. We drank, ate, drank, danced to some oldies, and drank some more until we almost hit the floor. We had a fabulous night! And as we  polished off our last bottle of wine, we watched the band pack up, we began to wonder what would we do next?

I'm kicking myself now... I really would of loved the poutine. more

Trash Talk Tuesday: Advice from the Little People

Last night my little Robert read to me his take home book from school “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” He read each page slowly, soaked in the pictures, and when he finished he beamed with pride. Mom,” We do all of this! We recycle!” His excitement peaked my interest and I was curious to see what advice my little guys could for making our lifestyle more green. So, I piped up “What else do you think we could do to help the environment?” My oldest son Alex exclaimed, “Clean our rooms!”

Christmas in November: It's Not Just for December

  This past weekend I escaped to a refreshing getaway at the The Fairmont Jasper Lodge celebrating Christmas in November. Yes for all you cynics - I did just say Christmas in November! And I have to confess it was a great weekend!  I was convinced by one of  my closest friends to attend this event. At first, I was skeptical about all of this Christmas business!...more

If it Looks Like a Crosswalk, It is a Crosswalk! Imagine That...

  Hello Fellow Drivers, I hope you are enjoying the last beautiful days of fall!  As, I walk to school with my children, I’ve noticed many of you speed through the crosswalk zone.  I’m assuming it is  because you must be too busy admiring all of the beautiful fall foliage....more

Trash Talk Tuesday: Devilish Plastic Bags Have Forced My Kitchen into Purgatory!

Did you know that over 55 million bags a week  are used in Canada fo our day-to-day shopping habits? When you think about it that’s a lot of non recyclable bags clogging up our landfills, blowing in our urban streets, and invading our oceans....more

Why is Jesus on the Back of the Fridge?

One of my closest friends mailed me this when I was going through my tribulations with the Thistle Lady. It was one of those great packages that you open that puts a smile on your face. If anyone who has had a good laugh over my crazy catholic guilt, family, and life....more