Tabatha Muntzinger

I never know what to say in these things.

I'm 29, born in Northern Illinois, raised in Southwest Ohio. I'm married and have two kids under four years of age, five cats, and a Chihuahua.  I'm Type 2 Bipolar and Type 2 Diabetic, amongst other things.  I can be bribed with shoes and/or handbags and/or sunglasses.  Or, honestly, Starbucks will get you pretty far.  I have a degree in Sociology, and I love it just enough to (maybe) get another in it.  My favorite color is purple, and has been since I was four.  And no, I don't think it's shameful to be my age and still have a favorite color.  I'm learning how to do this stay-at-home-mom thing without losing my mind, which is difficult when it's already half gone.  I'm also always talking about getting in shape, but I rarely get there.  I'm pretty sure I'm destined for great and wonderful things, though I'm not entirely sure I'll ever get out of Ohio on a permanent basis.

I'm unabashedly honest, often to a fault, I speak my mind, and I take no prisoners.  I'm also a sensitive bleeding heart that cries at almost every emotion other than joy.  

I'm much better when people just ask me questions about myself. 

Truths and Fears.

He told me he thinks I'm scared of being alone. And the truth is, I used to be. I didn't know who I was unless it was in relation to someone else -- a perpetual band girlfriend despite that I stopped dating boys in bands quite a long time ago ....more

The Gardens of Babylon: Salvage Edition.

While some people treated the weekend with a holy reverence (as, you know, people tend to do with religious holidays) we here at L'Casa decided that a three-day weekend meant really kind of one thing. PROJECTS. Especially since the weather seems to have finally decided it is, indeed, Spring ....more


I found myself at Meijer at 10:30 on a Saturday night, wearing slightly too big leggings with a noticeable hole on the left hip, flattened flip-flops held over from last summer, and an awkward-fitting sweatshirt my mother bought me mere weeks before finding out I was pregnant with Kiedis. My hair pulled back in pigtails and hidden under a pageboy hat, no make-up, glasses, and exhaustion identified me enough as a parent for a random person to stop me and ask my opinion on a gift for their child. I watched the girls nearly a decade my juniors teeter about on their sky-high heels in their tiny skirts and painted-on pants, carrying bottles of cheap liquor or wine, something between a smile and a grimace crossing my face ....more

The Upstairs Kids' Bedroom Closet Progress!

Oh my goodness it's been a minute since we've talked about actual construction stuff, so let's do that. The progress on the kids' closet built-in has been mind-numbingly slow. Between moving the unit actually into the kids' closet (meaning our access to work on it is greatly diminished at the times when the kids aren't all up in our grills wanting to "help" bless them) and me actually starting an out-of-the-home job, time has been tight ....more

Four Pairs Of Chucks At The Door.

It was an impulse, for sure. The day was set to be lovely edging towards actually kind of hot -- sunny, breezy, a welcome entrance of Spring turning slowly into summer. My boss has warned me not to get used to this kind of paycheck, the one with the commissions after the largest renewal period for subscriptions of the year ....more

Hang On Sloopy!

We interrupt our regularly-planned post for A GIFT FROM THE FOOTBALL GODS. So I make it a habit to walk my front yard in the morning while Tova and I wait for her bus -- it's too dark still when Kiedis is waiting for his bus amid other reasons -- and I try to check out my plants and see what's going on. I also check for trash/cigarette butts/chicken bones/other disgusting detritus from the neighbors to throw back into their yard, but that's neither here nor there ....more

Dragons: Defenders Of Berk Part 1 {A Tabulous Review!}

So remember the giveaway I did a couple of weeks ago? Well, last week in the mail our very own copy of Dragons: Defenders of Berk Part 1...more

The Gardens of Babylon, 2014 Edition.

The snow finally melted and the sun dared to come out, so that means it's time for the posts everyone loves to hate but it's my blog so I do what I want -- gardening stuff! Today I'm going to focus on the backyard mostly because there isn't much going on in the front -- a little bit of mystery flowers starting to bloom that I'm sure I planted last year but have no recollection of what soooo I think I'm going to have to draw up some sort of landscape schematic as things appear so I can have a vague idea come fall if I want to plant more stuff or fill spaces in or whatever. The lilacs appear to have survived, so there's that ....more

(Not) For The Birds.

There are sparrows trying to build a nest in my front porch light. This happened last year as well, while the outside cat looked nonchalantly on. I, personally, am mildly freaked out by birds -- something about their smallness and sharpness and beady-eyed-ness while they can just swarm and then fly away and I will never have the hope of catching them ....more

Totally Awkward Tuesday, Wednesday Edition: Chance Encounters In The Gym Locker Room.

Sometimes, when you're at the gym, there's another person in the locker room. And sometimes, that person is walking around naked. And because you were raised with stricter ideals on propriety and Puritanical-esque beliefs on nudity, you do as anyone in a situation as this would and you avert your eyes and try to give the other person a sense of privacy while you fiddle with your earbuds and one of the eighteen apps on your phone you use while working out ....more