On Warranties, The Housing Market Collapse, & Keeping All The Paperwork.

Notice anything strange about our front bay window? (Say hi to Tova. You'll see her again in a minute.) Here's a closer look: Looks like I haven't cleaned it in forever, right? ...more

Worrying About Nothing.

A new routine is emerging, however small. I walk in the door, hushing the dogs sternly because it's only me. I drop my purse and other extraneous items there at the door, or sometimes on the dining room table as I also remove my shoes ....more

Dayton, As Seen From My Little Corner Of The Social Media Universe.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to run the Dayton Baton, which is a local, shared Instagram account meant to show how the "runner" sees Dayton. Since I live downtown and now work downtown, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I was lucky, because my day was sunny and warm, perfect for literally running to some of my favorite spots in the DYT (though by no means all of them) and I had a plan to make sure the small amount of time I had in my schedule for this project could span the majority of the day that the Baton account was in my hands ....more

Celebrate #DayofDragons with DreamWorks + The Dragons:Defenders Of Berk Part 1 DVD Winner!

First things first. a drum roll please.The winner of the Dragons: Defenders of Berk Part 1 Giveaway is: Eli K! Congrats! ...more

I'm Running The Dayton Baton Today!

One of the super cool things about social media, in my opinion, is how you can end up finding the most intriguing things about the place you live. Aside from local news, through avenues like Twitter and Instagram, you can connect to local businesses, events -- and art pages. One of those such pages for Dayton is Dayton Baton, an Instagram account that is passed around people here in the DYT to show this city from varying points of view ....more

A Mile A Day.

Today is THE LAST DAY to enter my Dragons: Defenders of Berk DVD giveaway! There are still under 20 entries you have a great shot at winning! Go check it out HERE! ...more

Kitchen Chaos 2014: But Of Course.

Last week I told you all about the wonderful tile buy I'd been sitting on since December, waiting for the people at Lowe's to give me a call and tell me that magic happened and my super cheap tile was ready for all of my dreams to come true. Then it happened and amidst my new job and birthdays and weather and just about everything else, I had a very small window in which I could carve out time to pick it up. My brother felt better from his fall and was willing to help, so I wrangled him along with two napless children and a reluctant Kyle to Lowe's, hoping that the Home Depot across the street couldn't see me sneaking around behind it's bright orange back ....more

The Things That Are Hard.

There's only two days left on my DRAGONS: Defenders of Berk DVD giveaway and not even ten entries so you have a great chance to win! Click HERE to leave a comment to enter! ***** When you spend nine years of your life with someone, it's hard to untangle it all ....more

And Not One Ounce Of My Education Is Wasted.

Have you checked out my giveaway for a copy of DRAGONS: DEFENDERS OF BERK on DVD yet? You should totally go enter over here right now! ***** A long time ago, before a single strand of purple ever graced my miniature head, I had dreams ....more

A Birthday Present for You from Kiedis and DreamWorks {A Giveaway}

Today, I have very exciting news. Well, I have lots of very exciting news, to be honest, but we have time to get to all that later. RIGHT NOW, I have something I'm super excited to share with you because .. ....more