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I've enjoyed a number of parallel or serial careers. Teaching, writing, and web designing have all combined to create a mixed bag of web design writer and educator, tech writer, and blogger. I blog about that mix of topics at Web Teacher. I teach various web design topics in UNM's Continuing Education department. I've written several books about HTML, CSS, web standards, and Dreamweaver. I served several years as Tech section editor for I wrote 4 books for teachers about the writing process. I create a daily writing prompt at First 50 Words. This blog was named one of the 101 best blogs for writers by Writers' Digest for the last two years. I'm interested in pop culture and blog about it at Old Ain't Dead.

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A Look at MOOCs (Infographic)

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of massive open online courses and some of the sources for online learning. Source: © vdebolt for Web Teacher, 2014. | Permalink | No comment | The post A Look at MOOCs (Infographic) appeared first on Web Teacher ....more

3 Reasons to Catch Up on 'Continuum'

Are you a fan of Continuum? If not, I'm here to convert you. First, check out this extended preview of season 3, episode 1. It's from Showcase, the Canadian source of the show. The series is set in Vancouver. It appears on SyFy in the U.S, where season 3 just began airing. ...more
captiv8ed  Glad you enjoyed it!more

Tips on Using the Dreamweaver CC Layout Grid

I’ve learned a few things about how the Dreamweaver CC layout grid system works after making about 30 different layouts with it and struggling to figure out its bugs. One helpful thing is to take a look at the stylesheet that Dreamweaver generates after you’ve told it how many columns you want in the various sizes. This is before you’ve entered any content of your own or added any CSS rules of your own ....more

Big Data, Small Footprint (Infographic)

I found this interesting. Take a look. Source: © vdebolt for Web Teacher, 2014 ....more

Great tips for screen reader demos in the classroom

For those of you who teach accessibility in web design, it’s always a problem to demo the process that screen reader users use to access web pages. Jared Smith, writing at Web Standards Sherpa, has some great tips for how to simulate the screen reader experience for someone using free technology. Check...more

How FitBit Fascinates

Yesterday I attended a very classy luncheon with a bunch of very classy women. As the meal ended, over pistachio cookies and sorbet, two of the women started talking about their FitBit gadgets. FitBit One and FitBit Flex ....more

Online seminar: Introduction to ARIA

On March 27 I’ll be leading an online seminar for ADA Online Learning. The topic is Introduction to ARIA. If you’d like to join the seminar, information about the schedule, registration and more is located at the ADA Online site ....more

Good News for Bloggers from Getty Images

Getty Images Embed Tool Getty Images announced a new embed feature that gives free, legal access to many images to bloggers for noncommercial use. If you find an image on the Getty site, look for an embed icon() from the search results or image detail page. Click that and you’ll get the HTML code to embed that image on your site ....more

Struggles with Dreamweaver CC’s Grid Layout System

After building about 20 layouts, redoing a couple of sites, and starting and rejecting an uncounted number of Dreamweaver CC grid system attempts, I’m here to describe some of my issues with this tool. Control Issues Elements inserted into the fluid grid have controls that appear when the element is selected. In the image below, the div “main” is selected ....more

How to Promote Yourself as a Web Designer with Behance

Behance is an enormous online professional network, connecting some of the best creative minds in the design community. As a result, it is a platform upon which you can promote yourself as a web designer. Upon creating a profile you can post your work and interact with other designers in order to boost your online presence and communicate with prospective clients ....more