vodkamom (Debbie) Marsh

I am a teacher, a writer and a very busy mother of three. I graduated from University of Pittburgh with a degree in Journalism, and then from San Diego State University with my Teaching Certification.I have been teaching for 26 years and still love my job. I also write for the local newspaper and have been doing that for seven years! I love my crazy family, my loud barking dogs, and the fact that I never know what tomorrow will bring.


An interesting fact about me: I used to be a private investigator in California.  Then I decided to try something really challenging, and decided to become a teacher.

My Blogs

Some days you just have to trust life....and that ain't always easy.....

I held my breath, trusting that life would work itself out. ...more

Some days I wish I really COULD ride a broom.....

This morning during Summer Literacy Camp I was enjoying a nice conversation with my little group of readers....more

Find YOUR soul food...and then eat like a pig.

Do you feed your soul? Do you do an inventory, throw out all the weeds and toxins and take steps to FEED your soul? Well, you should ....more

"Death aims only once, but never misses..." (And I hate that I have to say that yet again..part three....)

I ran into her at an in-service, and we hugged and chatted happily about our kids and all that was going on in our lives....more

The teacher gives her LAST homework assignment. (Now pass the sunscreen and let the sun shine, baby.)

Top Ten (or Seven) Things to Do Before School Starts..(there HAS to be a better title…) I would first like to apologize to all the parents out there if you are offended in any way by this post....more

What I THINK I say and what I REALLY say are apparently two different things.....

Teachers have certain “things” they say in the classroom....more

Clear the roads and take cover, that's all I gotta say. (Besides YIKES!)

Do you remember when Golden Boy was four and would run around the yard in his sister’s bikini? Do you remember when he would break every SINGLE thing in the house and I would wonder how I would ever own anything that didn’t have a crack or a chip in it? Do you remember when he tried to show me some unmentionable parts that mothers should NEVER see?...more

The end comes EVERY YEAR....but I'm still never ready.

Today. Today is the day I bid farewell to the twenty little souls that lived in my classroom for the last 181 days....more