Trina Cooper

Wag The Dog is your one stop shop to read all about travelling with your favorite furry family members. The brainchild of Trina Cooper, Wag the Dogmaggie and trina at wag the dog uk is the ideal place to get resources on dog friendly hotels and other important travel information.
An expert on traveling with a pet, Trina has brought her beagle Maggie to the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and all over the United States and other European cities. She has found through her travels that the best way to care for pets on the go is to be informed and cook their meals for them.
Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Trina is an entrepreneur who has a business degree from the University of Washington. She’s also a former New York City real estate agent who has worked internationally in fashion, started and sold a bath and body company, and has had great success in many other business ventures.
Although she has travelled all over the world as a makeup artist for fashion, she’s always had a deep love for animals and a knack for working with dogs. As a child, she learned to train, care, and travel with animals, and as an adult, she has studied dog nutrition and dog training extensively.Trina shares her love of animals with her mother and aunt, who is a dog breeder.
In the future, Trina hopes to expand Wag the Dog to include dog food recipes, dog related articles, and open a shop that sells some of her favorite dog travel products. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her friends, who affectionately call her Dr. Doolittle.

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