Middle Eastern, raised in America, schooled in Europe, living in Melbourne. I'm Yasmeen, author of Wandering Spice, a food blog where I share traditional and fusion Middle Eastern recipes. 

I'm an American expat living with my husband and kitten in creative, quirky Melbourne, Australia. We love cooking, music, travel and growing our own veggies.

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Slow Roasted Cumin Lamb & A Middle Eastern Easter Menu

Cellophane-wrapped baskets brimming with pastel-hued eggs and Cadbury bunnies, sneakily positioned on my dresser mid-slumber. Usually a little card signed by the Easter Bunny himself. That was Easter for me as a kid ....more

How to make Colorful, Naturally-Dyed Crackled Easter Eggs

The other day, I was strolling through Melbourne’s Chinatown on my way home from work, when I spotted vibrant, marbled tea eggs in a snack shop window. I marveled at a the hues – turquoise, purple, and rich browns. It turns out these crackly eggs have taken the blogosphere by storm this Easter, so I decided to make some myself, swapping food dye with all-natural ingredients ....more

Baked Vegetable, Dill & Feta Frittata

I am a person plagued by food cravings. Citrus cakes and salty cheese top my list, so when the craving for something healthy strikes as fervently as one for the aforementioned, I act on it immediately. Lately, frittatas have been on the brain:...more

Cheat’s Iron-Friendly Rooibos Chai

As some of you may know, I am severely iron deficient. This means I am always learning sneaky ways to get more iron into my diet (a quest to wean myself from the 2x/day liquid iron shots I take – not pleasant), and concocting strange dinner combinations such as lean steak with a side of orange juice (since Vitamin C helps absorb iron). I am also a true lover of tea, but since learning that both black tea and dairy prohibit iron absorption, my morning chai is out ....more

Syrupy Phyllo and Semolina Custard Pie

I present to you my Achilles’ heel; the one dessert in which ‘no’ is never an option. My Seedo calls it namoura, which I always knew to be this dessertinstead (which is also called basbousa, depending on the region). In any case, it’s...more

Healthy lunchbox: quinoa, spinach and feta “bourek” salad

Our lives are busy these days – very busy. With a new business and a writers festival to plan, down time is elusive to say the least. Though I’d love to paint a picture of nutritional idealism, the reality is I have to make a concerted effort to keep myself hydrated and well fed when leisurely hours in the kitchen slip away ....more

Francois’ Tomato and Dijon Tart

We became fast friends after meeting Stephanie and Francois last year. Stephanie is American like me, and met Francois while hopping around Europe, eventually landing on his couch in Paris (he was her serendipitous couch surfing match. Someone call Hollywood, there’s a movie in that story) ....more

Smoky Split Pea Soup (Vegan)

As a kid, pea soup was the subject of my nightmares. It was gloopy and green; hardly as interesting as the cinnamony Middle Eastern stews I so vastly preferred. Luckily, times and tastebuds change, and Old Faithful here has been given new life in our kitchen in recent years ....more

Polenta porridge: breakfast fail

Kitchen fails, we all have them. I’m not going to...more

Roasted chicken in the very best twice-cooked tomato and eggplant sauce

I don’t often proclaim to make the “very best” anything; everyone has their own fiercely-defended views on what makes a specific item...more