I’m a 33-year-old online marketing professional living in the Seattle, WA area. I was raised a vegetarian by hippies, and have only eaten meat by accident or by cluelessness. I’ve followed a primarily vegan diet for about five years now. While I do eat vegetarian foods from time to time, I do prefer to consume primarily vegan foods because it makes me feel more healthy (and I make some killer vegan recipes!).

Mini Apple Pies

Last weekend I purchased a few apples from the farmers market in Union Square, and had a couple of large ones left this weekend. Usually when I have a bunch of apples on hand I'll make apple crisp, but I wanted to do something different. Considering I only had two apples, I couldn't make a full apple pie, so I decided to try making single-serving pies. I had no idea if it would turn out okay, but hooray—they're great!...more
These are so cute and look delicious! I have a friend that bakes mini apple pies in half pint ...more