Miss Wanda

My name is Miss Wanda.  I am a mom who works a full time job.  I am a blogger as well as an author currently writing a book.  I am a hands raised, tongue talking, spirit filled, Bible breathing, running for Jesus, woman of God. My big dream is to be able to not only support myself with my published words but to be an impact giver and help grow Gods kingdom financially.

Are you Prideful?

It has become obvious to me that God is working on us as Christians. Last week Pastor James spoke about obedience and this week his sermon topic was about pride. I have said before here that I believe we are in the end times and that Jesus is coming soon! We need to be ready and I think God is working through his pastors and prophets to help us be ready and to make sure we leave no one behind!! I know that Pastor James is listening to the Holy Spirit and making sure we understand what it is God is wanting us to hear and not scaring us with the message....more

How bold are you?

I have told you all before that I attend the Glory Refuge Church here in Green Country. Pastor James and Rita Johnson are doing a great job getting the church up and running and now we are all working on helping it to grow! So if you are ever in the neighborhood be sure to stop by.  ...more

Take care of your temple!

I went to the doctors the other day. I visited that government site on the internet and bought some of that insurance since I am still working for the staffing agency that does not have insurance as an option to buy. So now I am able to afford the doctors office visits again. ...more

Fire like Gossip!

We had several storms here in Green Country this last summer. There were several nights of high winds that took down a lot of tree limbs. There are still a couple of piles in my neighborhood today. Anyway one evening Maggie and I were sitting on the front porch. I was enjoying the evening air and Maggie my faithful companion was busy running back and forth- up and down the fence barking at the cars that go by. I noticed some activity in the yard at the house on the other corner from me. It looked like there was a fire that was just getting started....more

New Look!

There were some technical issues going on at the WordPress site -something with my theme page. I was trying to add the Twitter icon so you can follow me on Twitter should you choose to do so. I made several phone calls with my hosting people at Go Daddy.com who by the way did a phenomenal job! I am very pleased. You can visit them at godaddy.com.Anyway, I do not know about code and how to write and/or fix said code so the easiest way to fix this issue was to change the theme page for my site. So now the blog looks a little bit different! What do you think?...more

Just what I need!

Last weekend I was watching a movie about a girl that was celebrating her 16 birthday. She and her mother had been on their own for her whole life. Apparently there was some secret about the relationship between her father and her mother before she was born. We find out at the end that his family broke up the relationship. Anyway this movie was about how this girl took off to find her father and build a relationship with him. Turns out he was a Lord something or other in England....more

Jesus' Love

 The last several weeks I have been sitting in on a discipleship class Pastor Rita has been teaching. We were going over the lesson on Baptism. We were talking about being immersed. Rita shared that when it came time to be baptized for Rita and her husband Pastor James she made James go first. Seems Rita has an aversion to the idea of being dunked under water. She is not afraid of water because she rides the jet skies all the time. She shared it was because of the life jacket. She is not afraid when she has her life jacket on....more

It's 2014 - happy New Year!

It is a new year – time for a fresh start! A chance to take stock of what happened last year and what you are looking forward to this year.I decided to make some lists – things I learned last year- things I want to learn this year and a list of things I want to work on this year. I am not really making new year resolutions because I want God to make the changes in me and to lead me where He wants my life to be. So one of the areas I will be working on and spending more time developing is a deeper prayer life with my Father God! Things I learned last year - ...more

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to stop here for a moment and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I realize this day is really almost over but still – I hope you had a chance to spend time with your family and friends and had an enjoyable day. That is exactly what I did. And I am looking forward to seeing my very dear friend Janie and her husband Craig on Saturday evening -that will make the holiday season complete! ...more

The Holiday Season has Begun!

Here we are the tail end of the Thanksgiving holiday. The serious shopping has begun. Black Friday has come and gone and we are only hours away from the best shopping on line day tomorrow. Is this really what we have come to for Christmas? Some stores and businesses have even stopped saying Merry Christmas and have opted for the politically correct Happy Holidays! Not for me I am a Merry Christmas kind of girl and do not see that changing in the future – near or far! ...more