I was born in Manchester, England but was raised in Venezuela. I began my career at a London design firm as assistant art director working on accounts such as Sony and Mercedes Benz. I then moved to the international advertising agency Young & Rubicam de Venezuela as art director specializing in direct response campaigns. I designed print and broadcast campaigns for GE, Proctor & Gamble, Lee Jeans, Revlon among others. Moving to the US, I co-founded SpeyerGraphix where as creative director i oversaw accounts in the consumer, retail, manufacturing and hi-tech sectors such as FOX Sports, Time Warner Cable, BET, The Playboy Channel, Harman/JBL and many others. In 2003, I joined the Web Success Team where I am responsible for the creation and execution of online marketing campaigns. I also oversee creative web development and offline design projects for Team clients. I am fluent in Spanish, French and a little Italian.


How Many Twitter Followers Do You Really Have?

News of the Twitter app StatusPeople has been spreading around the Internet as people plug in Twitter handles to see how many active followers a person really has; meaning, live people who are checking into Twitter regularly and therefore have the possibility of seeing your tweet. Spambots and inactive users who haven't checked into Twitter for a while are culled out of the number leaving you with a smaller number but a more accurate number in determining who is listening... sort of. ...more
Great post that challenges an age old question. It's a questions that some of my clients always ...more

Good News About Advertising and Consumer Interaction for 2011

Here is an article by Bob Speyer that reports the growing trends in advertising and consumer interaction.By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team Multiple sources report that the economy is in an upswing. Major advertisers report a 6% increase in spending, but more significantly, about 40% of Americans indicate that the economy is improving! Our friends at HubSpot have compiled an anthology of reports about advertising in various mediums and we want to share the positive news with our readers. Here is Part One of our summary:...more

Janette Leon-Speyer

Do You Work During Your Vacation?

When my vacation officially started on Monday morning, I wandered over to the BlogHer Facebook page and posted this: "I'm on vacation! I'm also doing just a wee bit of work this morning. Do you work through your vacations?" There were an awful lot of people who said that they did. Those comments led to Suebob's great post about working vacations, which spawned Mir's great post about working vacations. Both women make very compelling arguments for non-working vacations but... ...more

Thanks for the article. I have been working on my vacation since we started our business and yet ...more

: Preparing for a big presentation on Tuesday

Who's New? Who's Discoverable? Who's Fashionable?

Exciting new blogs pour into the BlogHer blogrolls all the time. I'm supposed to keep you up with some of the great new finds in the Web & Technology area. I've been slacking in the show and tell department. I don't slack in the reading department. I read fascinating posts in the technology blogs daily. It's time to share with a little show and tell. ...more

Thank you, Virginia, for mentioning the Web Success Team Blog in your article. Much ...more