I'm a woman and an African American, which is pretty obvious already from my photo. What may not be so obvious is that I'm an ordained minister (African Methodist Episcopal), a bible scholar, and a writer. I've written several books which I won't bother listing here. (Google me.) I taught biblical students for 18 years in a seminary and  gender and religion for 2 years at a women's college.

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Am I The Only Woman Who Understand Silda Spitzer?

I'm an African American woman and some of my friends can't understand how I can sympathize with the personal sorrows of Silda Spitzer with whom, on the surface, I have virtually nothing in common. But I understand what made Silda Spitzer come out twice this past week and stand next to her husband Eliot and watch as he confessed-without-confessing to engaging in sexual liaisons with prostitutes and ultimately offer his resignation as governor of New York. What I don’t understand is why other women don’t understand. ...more

... I would never do what Silda Spitzer did. For the children? Their kids are teenage girls. ...more

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Red.

Hello All: ...more

Introducing Myself

Hello All: I'm a minister, a scholar, and a writer (in addition to a wife and mom). I've always had strong opinions about stuff, but menopause has seen to it that I'm always in a constant froth during the week about some thing going on in the world that I can't fix but have strong feelings about. So, I started a blog. My blog is a place I can hear myself think and where I can rage and kick things around before heading to the pulpit. ...more

Hi Renita,

Welcome to blogher. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.

I'm on a torch song kick ...more