Does the Expiration Date Matter?

A few times a year I take stock of what’s in the pantry, culling those items that we just don’t use.  This time I happened to notice two cans which were beyond their expiration dates.That got me wondering, “Does the expiration date really matter?”...more

Is Vitamin D the Flavor of the Month?


Do You Know Your Basic Metabolic Rate?

When I first learned about the Basic (or Basal) Metabolic Rate concept, it was a huge “ah-ha” moment for me.  I wish I had known about this number a long time ago.This number tells us how many calories our bodies burn at rest — doing nothing at all — except performing normal bodily functions like our heart beating and breathing....more

Change - My 1 Year Report Card

My dietitian friends say the question we all need to ask ourselves before embarking on any lifestyle change is this—what’s sustainable?  This way we avoid the “yo-yo” effect of dieting and other temporary solutions. ...more
Congratulations on reaching your goal! You look fabulous!more

Teachable Moments: Consider the Spouse

The #1 Heart-Healthy Question I Get Asked

Drum roll please.How do I change my spouse/partner, so I can become more heart-healthy?In no particular order, here’s a sampling of what people tell me they want their spouses/partners to change: ...more

Sure Felt Like a Climb to Me

If you read last week’s blog, you know that I committed to climb a mountain as a physical challenge for my 60th birthday. This past Sunday was “the day”.  As I learned though, Mount St. Helens is not technically a climb, but it’s so demanding that it’s referred to by many as a climber’s hike....more

How I Committed to Hike a Mountain

How I Committed to Hike a Mountain August 21, 2012Posted in: Blog...more

2 Health Measurements: What Matters Most?

The other day I had a note from Carolyn, a fit Well-Fed Heart Reader, who confessed that she exercised like a fiend, or so it seemed to me, but that her measurement for body mass index (BMI) number had her at 30 pounds overweight.She was very bummed and wanted to know what I thought....more

Staying Heart-Healthy on the Road

Recently I took a road trip to visit friends.  Being a good guest I noticed that I became polite and said yes to all food and drink offered, even when I didn’t want it.  My heart-healthy goals went straight out the window....more