How Much Holiday Stress Do You Experience

In exercise class today, we were talking (while walking) about the stress of the holidays.  The Well Fed Heart posted an article suggesting 9 ways to avoid holiday stress, so I asked everyone, “How much holiday stress do you experience?”...more

Is Holiday Grocery Shopping Costing You More This Year?

That’s what the news media is reporting, and it makes me think about my grocery shopping habits and how they have changed to accommodate rising food prices....more

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart At Thanksgiving?

This week I read a report about the Broken Heart Syndrome.  It’s a temporary heart condition that can present in people who experience extreme or sudden emotional stress, such as the trauma from an accident, death of a loved one, or some other long term stress....more

Laughter and Heart-Health

Walking, talking, and laughing! ...more

Playing in Your Kitchen = Heart Healthy Eating

You may recall that I made a commitment to eat at least three meals each week from what’s on hand in my kitchen between now and Thanksgiving.  I’m having fun, inspired by treasures that I’m finding in “the vault” of food, otherwise known as my freezer and pantry.Here’s my list from the past week, hopefully inspiration for you, too.Meal #1...more

Are All Omega 3's the Same?

Practically everyone I know takes at least one Omega 3 supplement daily for heart health. A friend told me just the other day that she takes 2,000 milligrams daily. So that got me thinking…what is the daily recommendation for Omega 3’s? Is it one size fits all? What should I be aiming for? What is the best way to achieve that goal?And, oh, yes – what good does it do my body?...more
The caps I take come with Vitamin D-3: 1000 IU. 647 mg EPA, 253 DHA. I understand you CAN take ...more

Kitchen Math for the Holidays

My freezer: need to make some room!...more

Do You Know About Food Day?

Note:  Even though Food Day has passed, you can still get involved and take advantage of the resources the Food Day site brings together. After a 34 year hiatus, Food Day is being brought back by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The idea is to build even more awareness about healthier food and eating, sustainable food growing practices, and public policy....more

Are You a Breakfast Person?

I love breakfast.  Always have, but sometimes I find myself skimping and then being downright starved by mid-morning.  It throws my body off for the whole day.The best argument for eating a nutritious breakfast, is illustrated by this little scenario – What if you stop eating by 8PM at night and then you don’t eat again until lunch time rolls around the next day?  That’s 16 hours of not eating! You’d never do that to your body while you’re awake, so why do so many people think that not fueling their body first thing in the morning is good for their health?...more

The FINAL 5 Pounds...Mind Over Matter

For those of you who haven’t followed my pursuit of losing the final 5 pounds by abstaining from wine, let me just say that two weeks turned into three, and just today I woke up, weighed myself and saw the magical number. Eureka!But I have a confession to make. I allowed my husband to side-track me. It was on Day 18 that I caved....more