Three Shiny Gadgets I Want to Buy and Three Ways to Resist

Everytime a new "toy" comes out, I am tempted to try it. After all, it's only human nature to want something new and cool. Here are three gadgets that I want to buy, and how I am convincing myself to resist. ...more

Congrats on your great deal. Toys are all the more fun when you get them for a good price. ...more

Start a 401K. Stand Up For Your Retirement

Does the title of this post sound a tad dramatic? So be it. Retirement savings is serious business, and the 401K is a hardy soldier in the fight against the proverbial cat food in retirement. I started my new full-time position a few weeks ago. With every new job comes new people, new responsibilities, new procedures, and of course, new retirement plans. One of the most important decisions you will make at a full-time job, financially-speaking, is whether to contribute to your employer-sponsored retirement plan, the 401K (or 403B for non-profit organizations). ...more
I actually started a 401k, i know ill be greatful i did.more

What The Recession Taught Me About Balance

In March, consumer spending increased. After months of frugality, consumers seem to be looking for a reason to spend. Even though the U.S. savings rate has increased since the start of the recession in December 2007, is the recent uptick in spending an anomaly or the beginning of sustained increases in spending? Despite the March increases in employment, unemployment is still stubbornly high. And consumers don't spend when they don't have steady, good-paying jobs. I know that from first-hand experience. ...more

After my husband lost his job in October of 09 we've put our quad budget on an even higher ...more

Four Free (or Cheap) Education Resources for Lifelong Students

We should never stop learning, my mother once said. She helped pay for the bulk of my college education, but now that I'm on my own, learning will have to come on a budget. Being a lifelong student, however, doesn't mean you have to pay lifelong tuition. Today, access to inexpensive or free educational resources are more available than ever - you just have to know where to look. Here are four great ways to keep on growing as a student and an individual, without sacrificing your wallet. ...more

You're welcome! That link is really great, isn't it? I was surprised at how many universities ...more

Beauty School Haircuts: Cheap and Stylish Cuts for the Intrepid

Beauty school haircuts are one of the easiest ways to save on haircut costs. My regular stylist charges $60 total, including tip, for a wash, cut, and blow-dry. In the past, I've tried to stretch out the time in between cuts, but I realized that my hair looks much neater and healthier when I get a cut every three months. At $60 a pop, the expenses add up quickly. Fortunately, I have realized that I can get something similar for just a fraction of the cost at a beauty school. ...more

did a video about doing just this. The student who did my hair actually did the hair of the ...more

Is That Clearance Dress Really a Bargain? The Add-On Costs of Stuff

What are the add-on costs of stuff, you might ask? Add-on costs are those small, unexpected costs that often accompany our purchases - but we don't think about them at the time. Although we might imagine each individual purchase as an one-off expense, the reality is that we may end up buying more things because of those purchases - and thus spending more money in the process. Add-on costs mean that the price tag on that new blouse or shoes or tech gadget isn't what you'd be really paying.  ...more

This is all too true. Bossy can't even begin to think about the countless things she has ...more

Giving With A Purpose: Which Charities Deserve Your Dollars?

Making charitable contributions is an important way to give back to our communities or to causes and organizations that inspire us. Giving should be a part of any financial plan. Just as you will do research to determine the best investments or insurance for your situation, you should also plan your charitable contributions carefully. After all, money is hard-earned, and you’d want to maximize the impact of your giving dollars. ...more
It can be difficult to decide, on who you will give to. :)more

Preparing for Car Expenses

For the majority of Americans, cars are a necessary part of everyday life. Cars help us get to where we need to go, especially in places without convenient public transportation. The expenses of owning, maintaining, and driving cars, however, are big parts of the family budget. Buying a car is not just a matter of putting a down payment and servicing the monthly amount - both unexpected and routine car expenses may take a significant dent out of your wallet if you are not prepared. Here are some ways how to make sure that doesn't happen. ...more
this is so bad that a Preparing for Car Expenses......more

Focus Groups: How to Improve Products and Earn Money Doing It

Focus groups are qualitative marketing studies in which participants are asked about their perceptions or attitudes. These market studies are interested in certain demographics for different studies. To evaluate if you qualify for a particular focus group, you usually need to answer questions on your age range, gender, employment, address, etc. Most of the time, moredetails are required. Studies have preliminary surveys that you must fill out to be considered -- these surveys are not paid -- their purpose is to determine your appropriateness for the study. ...more

Focus Groups are more accurate that doing a survey, coz' not only u get excellent results but ...more

Preparing For a Jump-Start in Job Search

Unemployment can be difficult, even if you have the cash reserves to see you through a period of career transition. I recently hit the 6-month mark since my layoff last year. The past six months has been one big learning experience: I did a few consulting projects, traveled to several different cities in the U.S. for business, interviews, and friend visits, resumed my study of Chinese Mandarin, and became a slightly addicted tango aficionado (having more free time than I've ever did since middle school has enabled me to take several dance classes a week)....more