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Back in school following my dreams of being an amazing photographer. I'm a wife and mother of four four-legged kids, three cats and a dog named Kat. Working for "the man" and trying to keep my sanity. Christian, fiber freak (knitting and crochet), dang good karaoke singer, and book collector.

It's okay to make suggestions for my OCD but...

After I outed myself with my 1 Voice in a Million piece about my OCD-Skin Picking Disorder, I got a lot of feedback from family and friends. I didn't expect the emotional reaction I received. It's not like the scars and scabs suddenly appeared over the last couple of months....more
In truth, I don't know anything about OCD, so there isn't much that I can contribute. I am sorry ...more

1 Voice in a Million - My life with OCD-Skin Picking Disorder

1 Voice in a Million ...more

What Constitutes a Family?

I've been scouring the internet for blogs lately. Thank God for StumbleUpon.com. I've found so many fabulous blogs out there. However, so many of them are focused on, well, mommy-hood. Now, I am not totally dissing mommies. Obviously being a mother is one of the most sacred things a woman can do (if you do it right. Octomom, I'm looking at you, yeah, you.) However, I haven't seen too many blogs out there about families that don't have children. Families, like mine, that consist of a loving relationship between two people. I've been wondering why that is....more