Wendy Lawson

 I'm a 50-something woman going through the menopause transition.  When I began experiencing the symptoms that plague most women at this stage of life -- such as hot flashes and insomnia-- like other women before me, I started reading up on products to find a safe and hopefully non-hormonal solution that would work for me.  A year and lots of trial and error later, I decided to write about what I had learned and to share the latest medical research reports and excellent resources I was finding on the internet.  It's my goal to offer unbiased information that's important and relevant to women's health in mid-life and to reveal conflicts of interest in the medical community when I discover them.  It's my hope that my blog will help other women find the right solutions to get them through this transitional time and to age well.

(VIDEO) Mid-Life Sexual Mojo: The Zestra/Viagra Double Standard

Lately, there seem to be a lot of discussion about mid-life sexual dysfunction –- specificall women’s sexual dysfunction, which I naturally find far more interesting than talk about ED and the ubiquitous print and broadcast advertising campaign behind Cialis and Viagra. Despite commercials flooding the airwaves about ED remedies like Cialis, whose voice-over script refers to "an erection lasting more than four hours," any mention of female sexual pleasure is clearly verboten. ...more

In a lot of ways, I wish that bedroom things would go back and stay there. However, given the ...more