Wendy Thomas Russell

Journalist and author.

5 Reasons to ‘Design Your Own Deity’

When I first found this “Design Your Own Deity” magnetic play set, I was a little pissed at you. Yes, you. All 15 of you ....more

It’s a Gift from God, Y’all

Want to know what the Bible says but don’t want to read the damn thing?...more

That is Called Dying (More or Less)

I’ve written reams about how to talk with children about death without resorting to religious imagery. My daughter nails it in a single sentence. I’m beginning to think I’m no longer needed here ....more

Quick! What the Hell is Ash Wednesday?

So much of religion centers on food. The faithful, it seems, are constantly feasting or fasting. Indulging or holding back....more

From the Mind of an 8-year-old: ‘Who Made Up God?’

My daughter is on her rope swing, looking out into the blue sky just beyond the fence line of our front yard. She is thinking quietly. And deeply, as it turns out ....more

“Mommy, What’s Satan?”

Of all the religious concepts that I’ve discussed with my 8-year-old daughter, Satan has been one of the toughest — partly because it seems awkward to speak of something so nasty and awful in a matter-of-fact way. But that’s precisely what makes it a great addition to “Mommy, What’s That?” a new series I launched last week, where you can find simple, straightforward and age-appropriate language to explain religious ideas to children in a non-religious way. So here goes ....more

“Mommy, What’s an Angel?”

Shortly before Christmas, I got a text from a friend: “What’s an angel?” she wrote. How do I explain this to a 3yo from an agnostic POV? I told him I had to get back to him! ...more

Talking About Belief With Kids: When Logic Threatens to Overshadow Kindness

My daughter, Maxine, is 8 years old and really getting the hang of logic these days....more

Four Poignant Minutes from ‘This American Life’

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, do yourself a favor and listen...more

Everything You Need to Know About Islam to Get Your Kids Literate (Okay, Maybe Not EVERYTHING)

You know what my life is missing? A Muslim kid. There’s no doubt that if I had Muslim friends with a Muslim child, I would be telling my 8-year-old a lot...more