Amy Kritzer

Welcome to What Jew Wanna Eat! Your source for home cooked (sometimes) kosher goodness. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, but needed a new goal, a challenge, to get back to my culinary roots. So, I called up Bubbe Eleanor and pleaded for her to send me her best recipes. Stat!  Bubbe is not one to dally, and imagine my delight when a few days later I had hundreds of glorious recipes in my mailbox. So I stocked my kitchen with butter and matzo meal, and have made it my goal to try one recipe a week, with my own personal twist on each. No matter your religion, I hope you enjoy these tasty recipes. I know Jew will!

Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Matzah Truffles with Manischewitz Glaze

The ultimate Passover dessert. Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Matzah Truffles with Manischewitz Glaze. Let that sink in for a moment ....more

Matzah Pizza (Two Ways!)

The best part of Passover isn’t the four glasses of Manischewitz, it’s matzah pizza! Here is not one but TWO recipes for you. Because I love you ....more

Asian Mushroom Matzo Ball Soup

Jews love Chinese food. Fact. And everyone loves matzo ball soup ....more

Matzah Nachos (Machos!)

Matzah Nachos (aka Machos) will get you through Passover! No problem! The perfect cure for your Manischewitz hangovers ....more

Matzah Bark

Looking for an easy Passover dessert? Matzah bark is here! I even covered it with glitter ....more

40+ Flourless Gluten Free Desserts for Passover

Over 40 Gluten Free Desserts perfect for Passover! And not even one recipe tastes like cardboard! This is beyond macaroons and jelly fruits, people ....more

White Wine Braised Chicken Thighs with Tomatoes and Potatoes

This one-pot meal has white wine braised chicken thighs ...more

Pizza Matzo Brei #sharesabra

Not your Bubbe’s matzo brei! This Pizza Matzo Brei will blow your Passover mind!!! Matzo Brei: yay or nay? ...more

The Ultimate 4 Bloggers Dish Passover Giveaway!!

Hey y’all! I love giving stuff away as a thank you for reading about my shenanigans on WJWE. Today we have a super fun giveaway perfect for Passover! ...more

Artisan Matzah: Make Your Passover Fancy with Vermatzah!

Artisan is definitely having a moment. When you can have your chocolate/candles/salt handcrafted, local, and one-of-a-kind, why settle for anything else? Well now, thanks to the Naga Bakehouse in Vermont, even matzah can be artisan ....more