I'm a public policy analyst in Washington DC promoting mothers' economic security for the National Association of Mothers' Centers, and I'm a feminist!  I'm the Advocacy Coordinator at the National Association of Mothers' Centers, and a reporter for The Shriver Report and contributor to Brain/Child Magazine.  Follow my blog, Your (Wo)Man in Washington, and find me on Twitter @WomanInDC and on Facebook as Valerie Young and Your (Wo)Man in Washington.

The Economics of Midlife Motherhood (Part II)

In Part I of this  guest post by Cyma Shapiro, we explored the fundamental economics of choosing midlife mothering.   Here, we listen to experts and midlife mothers weigh-in on this increasingly prevalent life choice.  You can pop back to Part I of this post, if you wish, to refresh your recollection before moving on to Part II....more

The Economics of Midlife Mothering - Part I

Cyma Shapiro, 56, a writer and executive director of the art gallery show NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers, and the writer/creator of MotheringintheMiddle.com. NURTURE features a collection of 25 (out of 60) stories told through words and photos, of women from across the country who chose motherhood over 40....more

Women's History - Getting the Vote Was Violent Business

I wrote this post for The Shriver Report, where it originally appeared on March 21, 2014.  They have kindly given me permission to post it here in full.  Here is a link to its original appearance....more
BlogHerNews The take away from our advocacy workshop last night. If you're not educated. You're ...more

Brigid Schulte, "Overwhelmed," and YOU - Part Two

Two weeks ago I posted the first part of my interview with Brigid Schulte, Washington Post reporter and author of Overwhelmed; Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, her just-published study of the effect of living at warp speed and the unrealistic and unnecessary expectations of workers and parents.  You can refresh your memory of Part One ...more

Paycheck to Paycheck, The Disaster Waiting to Happen

On Monday, March 17, you can watch The Shriver Report's new documentary "Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life and Times of Katrina Gilbert" on HBO.  This film traces the daily frustrations of a single mother of three kids who works as a direct care aide in a nursing home.  While the film drills down into the details of Katrina's life, the point of the whole film is that 42 million women in the US are walking a high wire every day.  Working at low wage jobs, they put off their own needed health care or filling their prescriptions in favor of putting gas in the car or payin...more

Brigid Schulte is Overwhelmed - and So Are You! Part One

Author Brigid Schulte has a job, a house, a husband, several children, and a whole lot of stress.  She's also just written a book, available online and at your favorite bookstore, called Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, about how we've taken on way more than we can handle, what it's doing to our lives and our families, and  how we can learn to live differently.  ...more

March is for... Women and the Arts

The best thing about March is the annual outpouring of information about women. This year's rich harvest includes some terrific profiles of women's work in photography, theater, and museum leadership. Make no mistake - new ground is being broken here, and we are still seeing many "firsts". ...more
Great idea about the festival. I love it. The amount of female writers/literary artists is not ...more

Mothers at the Sochi Olympic

I loved the visibility of mothers in the Sochi Olympics.  I appreciated the fact that the commentators mentioned whether a particular athlete had children.  Even the sometimes corny P&G commercials about moms were significant.  The athletes don't achieve their current status on their own.  Many people contributed to their success, and their mothers without doubt played a very central role.  The P&G ad  that totally captures the courage and ferocity motherhood requires is ...more

Mothers of the Moment in Washington D.C.

We’re poised at a sweet spot between the release of The Shriver Report in January, and the arrival of March as Women’s History Month. Momentum is growing for paid leave and paid sick days, candidates for the 2014 mid-term elections are shaping their campaigns, and think tanks in DC are churning out data on women at a furious pace. U.S. Capitol in cherry bloom, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more

How Running For Office Is Different For Mothers

Women can and do run for office, but their path to politics differs from the one most men follow. Women are generally asked to run and likely to have been recruited....more
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